Poker PC Hustlers

The other weekend the wif-al unit and I played some Hold’Em together. Our card room of choice is DDPoker. I purchased a couple licenses of this a few years back and we usually dust it off over the winters. I’ve got a little 20 person tournament set up that we take part in. A 20 person tournament is the max number allowed when you add more than 1 human player. Why? I don’t know. I think it’d be cool to set up a 100 player tournament and see the wif-al unit and I bluff and claw our way to meet at the final table, but oh well.

Our normal setup is 2 tables of 10, but last winter we must of gotten outrageous because it was setup as 4 tables of 5. It makes for a more volatile game. Whenever 5 people get eliminated the tables get reshuffled. One of our games was quite harsh for me. 3 of the first 4 eliminated were from my starting table. I was in a heads up situation until another player was eliminated. I had a nice chip stack (more than than my tablemate). And I started hemorrhaging chips. I couldn’t do anything. My tablemate just kept nickel and diming, taking my blinds, increasing my panic. I’m pleading for somebody to get knocked out to get me away from this maniac. Eventually I had to do it myself. I remained calm, waited out the cards, and knocked out the crazy computer player.

Now I’m a huge chip leader. I make it to the final table along with the wif-al unit with over half the chips in play.  I’m cruising along.  The wif-al unit drops off in 7th place.  Then the bad beats begin.  Two in particular stick in my memory.  My pocket pair hits a set on the flop.  I end up with my opponent all in and he’s in a hopeless state, nothing but a two outer will save him.  He gets what he needs on the turn and river to make a straight.  Ouch!

A little later an opponent is all in again and I’ve got pocket kings.  He turns over something like ace-ten.  The flop and turn do nothing, but of course the river is an ace.  I fade away after that, effectively crippled and finish in 5th place I believe, in the money, but not happy.

Playing against the computer in this way can be awfully frustrating.  I don’t know why but I think I get more annoyed when the computer sucks out on me than a human opponent in a real game.  A human opponent knows they got lucky, where the computer player has no concept that they sucked out.  It’s all ones and zeros that indicate how much money has been added to their stack.  I can’t sit and berate them Phil Helmuth-like about how bad they played.  No humans beyond the wif-al unit to lament about my misfortune.  Plus it stinks when you finally have figured out that computer twit and have them dead to rights and they get away.  All that work goes for naught.

Oh well, will I stop playing with the computer?  No.  I really enjoy it.  I had bought Stacked with David Negreanu for the Xbox but I just can’t get into playing it on there.  I wish I would’ve bought the PC version.  It was cool but I just don’t get the Xbox out enough to play it enough.  When I do the girlywogs always want to play something else.  If anybody wants to buy it, let me know.



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