Winter has arrived

Cool historical note of the day – December 16, 1944: The Battle of the Bulge begins.  Too bad I don’t have Bitter Woods yet to recreate it.

Well, school’s canceled for the kidlings already.  It kind of surprised me.  The snow stopped and I figured they would have been able to get things cleared away.  I’m guessing the wind must still be going.  The wif-al unit informed me that Hancock County was under a Level 3 Advisory.  That always makes it fun with work and whether you’re supposed to come in or not.

Unfortunately, my Chelsea couldn’t pull it off today.  If they could’ve beat Arsenal and Liverpool (the wif-al unit’s team) could’ve beat Manchester United, Chelsea would have been in first place in the Premier League.  But neither happened and now Chelsea is a long shot.  If Drogba would’ve been healthy, it would’ve been a different game.  Just one mistake by the netminder and that’s the game.  Arsenal is Tony’s favorite club.  Tony was our first coach that stayed with us from the British Soccer Camp that the eldest girlywog has attended the last three years.  So he’ll be getting some words in his Christmas card.  🙂

I’ve seriously begun to contemplate rewriting Pit in C#.  I’ve got a side project that we are developing in ASP.NET using C#.  It’s been a great learning experience so far, but we’ve found it hard to meet regularly and make progress.  So I’m thinking if I take something I’m already pretty familiar with and redevelop it using C# and ASP.NET, that could supplement my other learning and give me something to work on outside my other side project.  I would prefer to not reinvent the wheel, meaning I’d like to do something other than Pit but I don’t have any ideas right now that I could proceed on as quickly.  I’ve still got some Java code for my Overlord game (original pre-Pit wargame idea) sitting on my old laptop.  I haven’t touched it in quite a while.  I could always start over in .NET, but I’d still like to keep some Java roots.  Of course, I should bring it over to my Mac.  I’ve got a Pirate idea that I’ve never really expanded on.  Kind of a Legend of the Green Dragon idea where the players take the part of pirates.  I never thought of throwing a more wargame slant to it, maybe a little more like the old Blackbeard game.  Only other idea bouncing around my head right now is more of a boardgame idea, but I suppose I could make a computer version.  It’s kind of like a race for the stars type game where players must bid on scientists of varying intelligence each turn and decide how what project they wish to pursue.  Starting with the easiest project and progressing to the next will get you there, but taking some chances to jump a discovery could pay off.  I need to do some pencil work on this idea.

If anyone has any opinions or totally new ideas that you think I should pursue, let me know here.

I would absolutely love to make an internet version of some game that others could play, but I’d need to jump to a web host that offers IIS and SQL Server.  But it could be a while before I could pay for something like that.  My current host doesn’t offer that to my knowledge, and I don’t know if I’d want to use them for something like that anyways.


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