Brain Rot

So about a month or so ago, the Professor and I sat down to start a game of Crusader Rex. I had played the game once with Shindo during our last gaming encounter. (How long’s it been? We need to get some gaming in again. And revive our TME PBEM. đŸ™‚ ) I always remembered it fondly, having very much enjoyed it. But that was before having played Hammer of the Scots.

CR comes from the same mold as HotS, but adds some additional options. The Professor and I decided to just do some practice turns, create some situations, and see the rules in practice again. I just wasn’t into it.

Weeks passed before I could get back, but when I did I just felt too brain dead to dive back in, so we did something else to pass our available time. Last Friday we started going over Enemy in Sight. I think we’re both avoiding getting back to CR. Why?

To me, I think the answer is that HotS spoiled us. We had the rules down. The game flowed quickly. The only time we really referred back to the rules was to make sure we were doing the wintering sequence in the correct order. I think I could play HotS very quickly now.

The added complexity, though very cool options, and strategic situation of CR just makes me feel afraid to make a mistake. I can tend to suffer from “Analysis Paralysis” at times and I think I’d be dead on it playing CR again. I think it’s age starting to limit what rules my brain can retain. I don’t know exactly what number of rules systems my brain can still hold, but I’ll probably attempt to keep pushing more into it.

Wish me luck as I’m probably going to attempt to finally give A Victory Lost a try over Christmas break with Nephew #4. Rules wise it seems pretty basic when it comes to wargames and should be pretty easy to handle coming off of TME last Christmas.


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