New Blog

So welcome to the new home of No Clue Incorporated.  I’ve moved away from my old Bblog install and put on WordPress.  So far I’m seeing a lot more power and a plethora of plugins.  Something that’s pretty cool, though I doubt I’ll have a use for it here, is you can use WordPress to run a multiple user blog.  I’ve read a couple boardgaming blogs that are of this type, where they try to have each person post something at least once a week.  It’s also got a wealth of themes that I’ve played around with a little before settling in on the default.  I may try out some different themes from time to time, just to mess with ya.

So does this all mean that I will be posting more?  Probably not

Does this mean I’ll take up blogging full time as a means to support my Starburst habit?  Uhmm, no.

So you ask yourself, what, oh great FW, does this mean to me, one of the humble two readers who wait anxiously for your sparse well thought out posts?  It probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to you.  Just hopefully things will be easier and funner for me.


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