Appliance Rant

This is a rant I’ve been wanting to write for a while. It’s lost a little of it’s sting since it really should have been written a month ago, but I just wasn’t able to get around to it. Anywho, within a week of each other, our toaster and microwave both hit the junk pile. This seems to be a yearly occurrence and I’m just wondering if this is normal turn-over for these demon appliances. It’s amazing how one comes to rely on being able to quickly reheat things without digging out a pot and waiting, or how convenient it is to not have to start a campfire to hold your bread over. And it’s not like we’re skimping on some crap production models either, well except for our latest microwave we have now. I’m just sick to death of hauling these out to the curb every year. Oh well, I guess nothing real long or interesting in this post. Please resume your day.


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