Catch-up 1

Let’s try to kill a few of these.

Birthday Money
I got something like $60-65 for my birthday. While it’s probably already been used for other things such as gas, gas, or lunch, I thought I’d throw it out to my loyal reader to give me some suggestions for it’s use. What games, CDs, etc should it be used for? I threw out a list of desired games a while back, any of them or others? I’ve been liking a few songs from Placebo and Stone Sour recently and also have the last two CDs from AFI, any of those or others I should know about?

Computer games have become pretty much passe for me. While I love things like Civilization 4, they tend to absorb me, make me ignore everyone else, and cause me to become self-aware hours later wondering where all my day went. And I don’t know why, but I’ve never enjoyed computer wargames. It may have something to do with the fact that all the guts are hidden from you. Not knowing exactly the attack to defense ratio and what the CRT looks like is painful. Also, not being able to push those lovely chits around is just wrong.

Tim’s MicroLeague Baseball
While he already knows this, it’s something to talk about. I was asked if I could copy an old copy of MicroLeague Baseball from 5.25 inch disks to 3.5 inch disks. Upon checking my stock of old PCs, I don’t have any with both sizes of drives. So I may attempt to transplant one into another to make this work. A couple other ideas I have are to network enable one and copy the disks off, or install a USB card I have and copy it off. An interesting problem which I would really like to solve for him, because I know how much he loves that game. A remember loving to go over to his house in my youth and getting to play that game, my first taste of managing. I will say though, that the boy needs to upgrade in the computer front so he can play my Front Page Sports: Baseball. He would love that one. I’ve been stuck in the middle of my 10th season for a couple years, need to get back to it. When I first started it, I had it make up all new players, no actual major leaguers, for the initial draft. I have had a ton of fun with.

I also have Front Page Sports: Football. I never got through much more than a couple of games in the seasons that I attempted to start. I don’t know if it was my horrible drafting of players or what, but it seemed like I would give up no less than two punt returns for a touchdown every game. I kind of took that as a flaw in the programming. 🙂

Red Wings
The wif-al unit bought me the Sporting News Hockey pre-season edition. I was surprised to see they picked the Wings getting the Finals this season. But more surprised to see they picked the Penguins to beat them. To me the Pens are at least another year away from having a legitimate run at the Cup. While I think the Wings can make the Finals (a few different bounces last Spring and they’d have the Cup instead of the Quacks), what surprises me is that I’ve seen 4-5 predictions from different news sources that pick them to make the Finals. The main surprise is the Sporting News was the only one that picked them to lose. Most publications never give Detroit any kind of good prediction.

The bad news for me is that I didn’t renew my Center Ice pack this season. So I’m cherishing every game I get to watch during the free preview. I’ll really miss it, especially the way Zetterberg and Datsyuk have been playing and also that the Wings are finally letting their youth get some ice time. Go Filpula!

Computer Repair Business
No, I’m not running my own business. Just that I’m getting a lot of chances to do PC repair. Over the summer I replaced a hard drive for someone. A month later I had to replace one of my own, though it’s still giving me some trouble, very puzzling. My in-laws have needed me to do a reinstall for some time before switching internet services, they just need to end their current service and drop it off. And finally, my sister has some problems which a reinstall would probably help.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll try to remember the remaining three topics I brought up at another time.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Hello John, Just thought I would take time from my world of pain, (shoulder surgery – to repair tendon and grind some unneeded bone away) to say hi. I miss just spending time with you. You know I think I will have to stop over and watch a game with you some weekend soon. Drop me a line and we’ll set something up. BTW, I would spend the birthday money on yourself. As adults (and parents) we sacrifice way too much. We need to devote time for ourselves while we can. Later my friend.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Hey BK,
    You a hold’em player? Some buds want to get together for some practice sometime. As long as they don’t mind it might be a fun cheap time since I don’t plan on spending real money. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Doesn’t sound very enjoyable.

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