The King of Sauces

So I ended up eating lunch today at Burger King. Friday is the only day I actually eat lunch at work since we don’t play basketball, so I’ve been going out lately for fast food. I usually hit McD’s but it’s always so busy and today they only had one register working, so I moved my business next door.

BK used to be my fast food of choice probably 5-6 years ago. The whopper has ruled as my best burger for a long time (though today’s was less than amazing). But when they switched their fry recipe, I couldn’t keep going there. Their original fries were better than McD’s but some moron at corporate had other ideas. Today’s weren’t as bad as I remember, but still not as good. I can remember many a late night drivethru run for a whopper and fries. Yum!

Anyway, I got the whopper meal and added a 4 piece chicken nuggets/strips/whatever their called there. They are shaped like crowns if that tells you. I’d never had them so figured I’d give them a try. The “order taker” lady asked if I wanted a sauce and I asked what they had. She went through what seemed like a dozen or so. I asked for “Zesty Buffalo” and “The Spicy Mustard” sauce. She didn’t put up any fight over me getting two so I was happy.

So I move over to the “order processing” lady’s side of the counter. I’m standing there looking over some paperwork I brought along when the Mrs. Order Processing starts asking Mrs. Order Taker why she let me have more than one sauce. Mrs. OT said she figured since I got a meal it wasn’t a big deal. I thought that made sense.

So I get my tray. Turns out the “Zesty Buffalo” sauce was actually “Zesty” sauce and “Buffalo” sauce. Plus my spicy mustard turned out to be a white sauce called “Ranch”. I’m usually not one to complain unless I was really looking forward to something, so I didn’t mind getting the Ranch, especially since I was breaking BK law getting three(!) sauces.

Now I’m at the fountain drink area filling up my pop. I notice Mrs. OT is now “out and about” cleaning tables and such. All of a sudden, Mrs. OP appears “out and about” with a piece of paper in her hand. She walks up to Mrs. OT and shows her some kind of calculation she did that shows something about people getting extra sauces like I did would cost the King $10,000 a year.

I could not believe that this woman had to not once, but twice, rebuke her subordinate within earshot of the customer that was the subject of her discussion. Now I must say she didn’t seem snotty or anything and actually seemed quite good natured about the 10 G’s comment. I just found it a little annoying and felt bad for Mrs. OT. She was just being nice to me for ordering a full meal. I was close to taking two of the sauces back up to Mrs. OP so I wouldn’t cause the downfall of the King.


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