Battle didn't produce fireworks

Well, I sure am glad I didn’t mention the Civil War Battle at the Sesquicentenial Celebration to anyone that seriously would have considered coming over. It was on the schedule from 2-3pm on Saturday, so it seemed like it was really going to be something. However, the civil war encampment consisted of probably 4 tents, 2 pups, 2 small walk-in. While walking around I started to wonder where all the Civil War people were. Maybe they were hiding over yond ridge, waiting for the attack, I didn’t know.

2pm rolled around and the crowd began to muster. We chose a nice shady place to watch the hour long battle. Here’s the running commentary.

Union soldier 1 behind tree near pool initiates the engagement by firing at Confederate soldier 1. Johnny Reb 1 returns fire with his mini-cannon. (Didn’t they have bigger cannons than this?) Repeat this exchange maybe two more times with Union soldier 1 changing position between shots (must have been quite scared at the accuracy of that mini-cannon.) After maybe the third cannon shot, Union soldier 1 fell to the ground. Johnny Reb 1 and a field medic walk out to Confed 1. They help him limp back to one of the tents that must have been the field hospital and apply first aid.

That was it. This whole thing maybe lasted 10 minutes. I’m not an expert on the subject, but I would think most Civil War battles maybe included some more men, bigger cannons, maybe some cavalry and probably would have lasted a little longer. I’m thinking that the Union soldier probably couldn’t believe he was getting paid for this and twisted his ankle rather than get supposedly hit by the model cannon. I’m really thinking that whatever the town paid for this was way too much. It was quite a joke. I think watching the dunk tank was more interesting. A few years ago, they had a battle re-enactment at Glandorf that I heard was pretty good. Hopefully, nobody who saw that came here expecting a similiar experience.

Later in the evening, the program listed a Civil War Encampment lantern tour which on paper sounds pretty cool but I skipped it four three reasons.
1. It’s not dark at 6:30.
2. Four tents does not an encampment make.
3. The battle sucked, so how could these jokers entertain me with a tour.

So last night, they had fireworks at 10pm. I was a little bit worried what they might be like after the battle. (Maybe some sparklers and bottle rockets?) But it turned out to be really good. It beat the county fair fireworks hands down and really was a cool thing to see. I felt glad to be a part of the 150 year celebration. Looking forward to 200 years.


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  1. Nick Says:

    Hmmm sounds like quite the re-enactment.:)

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