September – The month that I love

It’s that time of year again. A chill starts to become normal in the wind, the leaves begin to turn, hockey season is almost here, etc, etc. It’s my favorite month, and not just because 3 family related birthdays take place this month (mine included) or that I got married in this month. Take that all away and I still would love it. October is a very close second and some years may be the number one. (Now and then September can have far too warm weather.)

Leipsic has their big 150 year celebration this weekend. We’ll probably try to take some of it in. Kids games this morning, civil war battle at some point, model train show, fireworks (!?). It’s quite a shadoo!

Hard drive went out in the kids main PC. Unfortunately, the same exact hard drive that I put into the neighbor’s parents computer wasn’t on sale this time. $20 more, money sucks! So you know what I’ll be doing this weekend among other things. Though I’m looking at doing as little as possible. I’m really run down from this summer, capped off by the last two full weeks of work. Ready for a little R&R.

Today would’ve been the 6th annual Pit BBQ. It’s not happening for a variety of reasons, one being my general mood. I’ve been in an extremely horrible mood of late. I’m becoming somewhat of an arse. 🙂 Though some of you may say I’ve always been one. 🙂

If you get a chance to watch Jeckyl on BBC America, watch it! It’s over, but they usually rebroadcast everything. It’s pretty good.


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  1. james Says:

    WOW You are blogging like crazy. You must be in a different mood. Cheer up now. Tomorrow might be crappier 🙂

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