What games I'd buy if I could

  • NHL Ice Breaker – Not based on statistical accuracy, more of a poker driven with hockey flare
  • Bitter Woods (4th Edition) – I don’t have anything about the Battle of the Bulge and I don’t have any super meaty wargames of this level. I’d try an OCS game but just looking at the system rules scares me.
  • Twilight Struggle – Though I won’t have anybody to play this with, I really enjoyed it. I guess I don’t really need it, I’ll just talk the professor into a game again. I could never get the wife or kids to play this one.
  • Hammer of the Scots – Another game I really enjoyed after playing the professor. Borrowed the game and even got the eldest to play a few turns of it. Probably another one I don’t really need.
  • Crusader Rex – Played once. I’m really like Jerry Taylor’s games. Again, probably don’t need. Nobody to seriously play it with me.
  • Other interesting titles that probably can’t be found are Wacht Am Rhein II, Kingmaker, or any big huge monster wargame that I’ll never play but will set out and drool over. 🙂

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  1. gojim Says:

    I have four of the five of those. Have actually played three of them against real people!!!

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