Back at it

It’s hard to argue when
you won’t stop making sense
But my tongue still misbehaves
and it keeps digging my own grave

Snow Patrol

So vacation has been over for almost a week now. Vacation was great but much too fast. While I didn’t get much personal stuff done, I did get a lot of work around the homestead done, though much more is always waiting.

I survived (somehow) the first week back at work. Piled up work and an ungodly amount of email can really put some unwarranted stress on you. But I think I’m almost caught up and can start plodding forward. A end of week seminar and then another vacation day to recover from a week and weekend filled of softball will help to totally recharge me after this week.

So continuing on with my documentation of a year ago.

July 19th marked the year anniversary of my interview for my current job. At the time, I was once again happy with my performance during it. It was once again another interview where I was outnumbered like 5-1 in the interviewer to interviewee ratio. But I still really like how they had it organized, a lot better than any interview where I was part of the interviewer side. So I was very happy but had little hope that they would think I was management material. I stressed that I was a developer at heart wanting to become more involved in newer technologies (Java, C#, webbie stuff). (If I got that is another story…) It’s funny, this would have been like the 2nd or 3rd all of a sudden half day of vacation that I took. And no one was any the wiser. ๐Ÿ™‚ Be wary if your employees start taking strange mid-week half day vacations. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then exactly one year ago today (July 21, it was a Friday) I got a call and an offer. A couple counter offers later, some more soul searching and fretting, and probably a good deal of stupidity on my part ๐Ÿ˜‰ I accepted the third different job of my post-college career. I was at my previous job for nine years and I think really surprised most. There were some though that probably knew it was coming. After August 4th, I may get more into that, but I’ll probably forget.

So the following Monday, July 24, I happily turned in my two week notice. In that two weeks, I had a root canal and got taken out golfing and a nice going away party. All very nice. The week after that I had off before starting at the Uni on August 14.

Well that’s it. The chronological story of my switching jobs. Now as long as I can just make sure I back up this blog and someday figure out how to extract the contents of this blog from it’s database, I’ll be all set.


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