Hammer Time

Another year anniversary today, of course it was a Friday then. I had an interview for a web developer position exactly a year ago. It was definitely something in newer technologies than what Fortran was/is. I had to take a half-day off in order to go to it. (That was one thing, they weren’t very forgiving as far as working around your existing job.) So we piled the family together, they waited at a coffee shop while I went to it. All in all, I was happy with my performance. I absolutely hate interviews and think I do horrible in them. But as far as they go, I think I did well. I gave myself absolutely no hope in getting an offer for it. How do you jump from a predominantly Fortran job, with a smidgen of Java, JSP, and database experience thrown in, and previous C++ development, to a pure .NET/C#/MSSQL environment. But hey, the family and I got to eat out afterwards and just enjoy being together. I’ll try to continue this look back at last year as the year anniversaries come up. More for my sake of chronicling the experience than for trying to entertain anybody. Plus maybe it will get me more consistently posting.

I downloaded XCode and put maybe 15 minutes into tinkering with it. I’m not finding it as intuitive but that could just be my inexperience with Mac development. I need to find some more time for it. My brain is going to mush and I need to start forcing myself development time to solidify it again. The manager life sucks in this respect. So far.

One advantage I have regarding Parallels is we have our own support department that will have to figure it out for me. 🙂 I’ll have to look into VMWare. That would be cool to have a Linux distro to play with. Of course, the Mac is still so new that it keeps me busy enough with tinkering. Is it free?

What the heck has everybody been doing lately? The Pit Forum has hit it’s normal summer lull, which with the season over isn’t surprising. I haven’t talked to anybody in quite some time. Except for our former Teamo Supremo owner, who is in the process of moving back to the county.

Oh by the way, my idea for the previously mentioned PitCon would include current and previous stablemasters.

I received a questionnaire from the county jury commission in the mail yesterday. Oh boy. I may get to decide whether someone spends the rest of their life in jail or not. Or most likely whether Joe Don owes his neighbor for his dog digging up tulips. It’s only a questionnaire, not an official summons yet. Not really a good time for this though. Work is crazy busy right now, plus I’m taking some vacation soon. Over a week, which is such a step up from my normal “nickel and dime” way of taking vacation days. If I get some time, I’ll go over the questions and my answers with you, to prepare you for when your time comes.

Last night I finished up my game of Hammer of the Scots. I really enjoyed this game. I really enjoyed Jerry Taylor’s other game Crusader Rex. I’m really like block games. I love all this even though these are the only two I’ve played and I’ve only played each once. There’s just a lot of nice ebb and flow in Hammer. Hammer came first and each game has like maybe 8 pages of rules. We played the Braveheart scenario and I was the Scots.

Some interesting things that occurred: King Edward I attacks Robert the Bruce one on one and Robert the Bruce kills the English king with 4 out of 4 hits in the first round. That same year, I press an ill-timed attack with Robert the Bruce, Wallace, and one infantry against an equal stack of English far longer than I should have, losing Bruce and leaving Wallace with a weak start to the next year.

Mistakes were made on both sides which luckily evened things out in that respect. About half-way through the game, I hunkered down and tried to make the smart conservative play most of the time. (Stop laughing those of you at the thought of me making a smart play.) I tell you though, my opponent’s skill with rolling a d6 through the game was unbelievable and very frustrating at times. What I viewed as intelligent (again, stop laughing) attacks, would quickly dissolve under a barrage of rolled ones and twos by the defenders.

With 4 turns to go, we each had 7 nobles on our side but Wallace was still alive so I had the tie-breaker. It was still anybodies game at that point. I continued to hold the two territories (Mentieth and Lennox) that blocked the English from breaking through to the north. And had some advancement after a failed English attack, taking Carrick and Lothian. This slowed the buildup of English armies every year. I used that build-up time to knock off nobles in the north that were loyal to the English.

Things started to snowball against the English and going into the last turn only Lanark, Galloway, and Annan territories were loyal to the English. It was pretty much over at that point with the English needing to take back four nobles and kill Wallace or take five nobles. A tall task indeed. The game ended on the 3rd card of the final year when two event cards came out and the English holding only Galloway.

All in all a fun game. And though the final turn didn’t show it, a close one through most of it. I’d play this at a hat drop.

Quick note to my nephew, who I’ll call KnightBoys. I borrowed this game for the rest of the summer. So go download and print out the rules and get familiar with them. No excuses. Here’s the link: http://www.columbiagames.com/resources/3215/3215-hammerrules.pdf

Peace out! Time for some grilled Alaskan Walleye.


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    Hmmm I am sure I could find an excuse if I really needed to :). Give me a time and place and I’ll show yah what Knightboy is all about…

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