I promised a post about a Macintosh related issue.

Yes, I now possess a MacBook Pro which is one of my primary machines. In the past two weeks I’ve used it much more than my Windoze machines. Of course, as far as it goes, I’ve not done much non-work related computer activities. Pit somewhat burned me out and I’ve been enjoying my break, but I feel the need to get back into things also.

So the university said it was time to replace my work PC. I had a choice of Win or Mac. I had a couple incidents right before that where I had to assist Mac people, so it kind of got me thinking maybe I needed to be able to relate to their problems to fix them. So I signed up for the Mac, but will eventually run WinXP in Parallels, thus having the best of both worlds.

I’ve also started contemplating making this my main machine period, which means for email, browser links, development, etc. This will really test the cross-platform ability of Pit (it might be best to wait for the Parallels install). I was going to install Eclipse when I happened upon EasyEclipse. It bundles a bunch of plugins with Eclipse in a neat install package. I don’t know what I give up going that route, but I think I’m going to give it a try.

I had a little session with our Mac guru and I must say, “WOW!” This thing is so freakin cool. Yeah, so far a lot of the wow factor is just eye candy, but this stuff is pure sugar. I’m really enjoying it and as far as work goes, I’m not missing anything yet. Until I get Parallels there will be no Visual Studio IDE, which is a bummer, but I’ll see about getting C++ running in Eclipse (which means figuring out how to install gcc). I could always look into Mono to get C# but we’ll see.

So yeah, I’m a Mac fanboy at the moment. I always told myself I would buy a Mac so the girlywogs could make their own decision about which is better. Well that didn’t happen but now I get to.

A quick thought on Visual Studio 2005. When using it, I miss Eclipse. There are so many times I wait for the context sensitive help to pop up and give me the option I need to fix my code, but it’s not there. I need to manually fix a lot of stuff that Eclipse just does or gives me the option to fix. I miss that. I’m sure the next release (Orcas?) will catch up, but how hard is it for Microsoft to give me an “Organize Imports” option?

I need to finish up the Pit season with the BP Finale. End the season and announce all the retirements and contract disputes. Adjust the forum titles for the champs, etc.

Recent idea: I’m thinking of doing away with the Pit BBQ and changing it to PitCon. It would be a day of gaming. I won’t be grilling or anything, but everyone should bring some sort of snack, like I’d make my normal pot of meatballs. I’m in it for some serious gaming, so I’m not going to be hand holding. People could start their own game if they wish. I think a day long game or two or three of Duel of Ages would be pretty cool. I played that during the last Nephews Gaming Weekend and it was fun. More people would be cool.

Oh and by the way, this isn’t the place to post ridiculous comments about any college team from Michigan. It’s a great place to vacation and it has some decent professional teams, but beyond that there’s not much else to say. 🙂

This weekend was an anniversary of sorts. It was a year ago this weekend that I had “Weekend Duty” at the old job and just finally got fed up with all the crap. On the way home I picked up a paper to look at the want ads and happened upon one that would eventually lead to my current job.


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  1. GoManJim Says:

    I’ve been using VMWare on my Mac to run the latest Ubuntu linux distro. It’s pretty cool (and I couldn’t get Parallels to run the thing). Eclipse is pretty nice but if you want to look into a native Mac development environment you should look into XCode (usually found as a separate package on your MacOSX disk).

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