Wings should hang heads high, I am

Maiden post made from a Mac. (More on that at a later time.)

Well, the Wings fell short in their bid for their 4th Stanley Cup in my lifetime. I still have hope that I will have seen half of their Cup wins in my lifetime, which means they need to win 4 more before I kick the bucket.

Four years ago I ripped my Wings flag down from my porch at roughly 2 in the morning after the Wings were swept (embarrassed) as the defending Cup champions by the then Mighty Ducks. This year I hang my head high. In all the playoff runs I’ve watched the Wings make, I’m as close to being satisfied after this one as I could possibly be without them winning another Cup. I feel they left it all out there on the ice. Albeit, they had some tremendously slow starts to games and didn’t seem to wake up until the 3rd period many nights. But with so much talk before this season of how this was going to be a rebuilding year (is this like the 10th year I’ve heard that?) and they would be lucky to make the playoffs, they should hopefully shut up a lot of people for a few years.

I sincerely believe they were a few bounces away from sweeping the Ducks, let alone beating them in 6. Let’s face it, if there is such a thing as “The Hockey Gods”, they were certainly against the Wings. I think they say American football is a game of inches, but a Wings fan knows that hockey is more deserving of that title. Hasek an inch to the right in game 6, Cleary’s stick an inch closer to the net there, various post shots an inch closer would have deflected in. I really believed we’d see a game 7, even going into the third period down 3-0. We almost got there.

What will next year hold, I don’t now. I don’t even really want to think about it right now. My only comment on next season will be that I hope Hasek retires and Guigere really likes Babcock. I got nothing against Hasek. As much as I would love to blame him for the losses, I can’t. He was the only thing keeping them in most games when the defense was non-existent. However, I don’t blame our goalies for the previous 3 years either, like is customary in Detroit.

I blame the loss to the Ducks on one thing, defensive zone faceoff losses. I’ve never seen so many goals scored so soon after a defensive zone faceoff loss in a series in my life. I’d wager almost half the Ducks goals came in this way.

Looking ahead at the Sens/Ducks Finals matchup, I’d love to see the Senators win. I have little patience for Pronger seeing any success. I’m sure he’s a nice guy off the ice in respect to family and all that, but how much does it take to say “I lost my head” in regards to the Holmstrom hit. Using his size as an excuse shows what a moron he is.

But I think defense trumps offense any day, and in Giguere the Ducks have the best defense of all, an improbable wall of a goaltender. Hot goaltenders have been the Wings undoing since their last cup, pelting them with shot after shot, the goaltender is protected by a defense just good enough to clear loose pucks and prevent any sustained close in pressure. So it really doesn’t matter how bad the Ducks play, if Giguere decides to be unconscious in net, they just have to hold on for the ride.

So the pick is Ducks in 6. Regardless, I can still keep saying the Wings have lost to a Cup finalist since winning their last cup, it just remains to be seen whether I’ll keep saying Cup loser or not.


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  1. Sixftunda Says:

    PUHLEASSE dont tell me you are gonna be one of those mac fanboys. Im not sure I could stand it 🙂 😛

  2. Moleman Says:

    You know, I think pretty much the same way. Sometimes I say that my 2 favorite college football teams are Michigan and whoever is playing OSU.

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