Step 2 – Complete

Wings advance to the Conference Finals. Starts tomorrow night, but I will be playing poker so will be watching it later.

A very impressive series against San Jose. After game 1, I was really worried that the Sharks size and stifling defense would frustrate the Wings too much. But they showed amazing patience, and slowly chiseled the Sharks apart. Game 4 was such a show of patience and confidence. Actually the whole series was with coming back from 2-0 deficits. The thing that amazes me is all the people who were so down on Joe Thornton. Good heavens the guy was a presence in every game, and was extremely hard for the Wings to contain.

They’ll need a lot more of that patience and tenacity to stick to the plan against the Ducks. I think it will be a good series. It would really be nice to see Detroit really get the Ducks number and end this in 4 or 5 games, but even on their cup runs, they never really dominated a team until the Finals. It’s nice to see Lang starting to do a little bit more. There’s still room for more hustle from him though. Biggest surprise during these playoffs for me so far has been “Where has Calder been?” I thought he was going to be quite an impact player with the way he finished out the season with the Wings, but has been virtually invisible so far in the playoffs. I swear I’ve gone games thinking he wasn’t in the line up, only to see him on the ice in the third period.

I really want to complain about Hasek. He infuriates me with those soft goals and stupid plays. But I just can’t complain. He has bared down after those mistakes and totally shut down the other team. Just please, stop playing the puck unless you have to. I remember playing an old Sega Genesis hocky game (NHL ’93 maybe?) where Tim Cheveldae would stray from the net after pucks constantly. My buddy and I would scream at the TV for him to get back in net. I have much that same reaction when Hasek starts to stray.

At least the west coast games are going to start at 9pm this round. I’ve stayed up for every game so far and probably will continue to. Poor Buffalo, they have to actually travel out of state this round. 😉


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