Game 1

Game 1 against San Jose had to be about the most uninspired, boring Red Wings playoff game I’d ever seen. No intensity, no hustle, no nothing. Yeah, we outshot the Sharks which is normal, we outshoot everybody, but there were very few chances that really seemed like a quality chance. It just seemed like there was no room in the offensive zone for the Wings, even when San Jose was a man short. The Sharks were throwing there bodies all over, blocking an amazing number of shots. The Wings had no physical presence like they did against the Calgary Goons.

I know that Lang scored a critical goal in Game 6 against the Goons (though I’m still amazed Kiprusoff didn’t stop it), and he’s been very good on faceoffs normally, but does this guy have any speed other than loafing? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him hustle. He’s stuck in slow motion. The other night if we would have gotten a little extra sweat and a little extra reach from Mr. Lang, we could’ve cleared the puck before before their first goal.

OH well, just had to get some thoughts out before today’s game. I’ve some gaming recaps to go over also if I get around to it. Still need to update them on BGG.


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