Hey Hey HockeyTown!

I’ve bumped my channel package up so I can that STUPID Vs channel. Money grubbing &$*%! How much longer is the NHL stuck with this deal?
Nephew is planning to come over to watch, decent beer in tow.
I’m tired of reading all the stories about why the Wings can and can’t win.
I’m ready to sit my butt on the couch and enjoy myself.

Yes, it’s Christmas in April for me, as the Wings begin another playoff in search of Lord Stanley. I feel less excited about their chances this year than in past years. Maybe this is from being gunshy from early exits the past years, but I’m actually excited that I feel this way. Usually, when I thought they shouldn’t have any problems they do, and when I feel it will be a struggle they do well.

I just ask that there be no overtime games. One: I hate staying up late watching these things. Two: I’m too much of a fan (stupid?) to go to bed usually. Three: If we’re in tight games that go to overtime, we’re probably playing the other teams game. And that’s not good.

How about blowing out somebody for a change? How about hustling the entire 60 minutes?

Calder has been a great acquisition. He is the definition of hustle.

One thing that I heard was how much they would miss Kronwall against the Flames. I disagree. For the season as a whole, I would grade him very low. I really don’t see why everybody thinks he’s so amazing. I usually see him make a defensive blunders, give up odd man rushes for the sake of a big hit, or commit stupid penalties. So while I will miss him because I think he’s a decent defenseman, I’m quite happy with who we have left.

Now if Schneider can not take boneheaded penalties and Hasek stays in net, tonight will be the perfect night. (With a Wings win, of course!)


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