Spam, VASSAL, Exercise

Sorry, no The Mighty Endeavor after action report yet. Hopefully this weekend I can put some time into that post.

Sitting here watching the Wings dominate the Coyotes all game but now tied 1-1. Thought I’d put up a quick post.

I’m getting real tired of the spammies signing up on the Pit forum. It seems like everyday this week, I’ve had to delete 1-2 new users with email addresses from So annoying.

Pit has been somewhat interesting htis season, even though player interest is at an all-time low. My Zion’s Hope were on fire but have dropped their last three. I’ve got some juggling to do in order to get myself into the playoffs. Should be fun.

I kind of made a resolution this year and have started keeping it. Only reason I made it was because a guy at work kept asking me about doing it, and I think it would be a good idea. I’m going to be playing basketball Tuesdays and Thursdays over lunch. My body is quite achy right now, but surprisingly less so today than Tuesday night. My shooting is atrocious. I never played basketball in high school but I thought I was decent. But I can’t make anything. I made probably 1 of 10 on Tuesday with the majority missed bunny shots. Today I actually made 3 but still am missing easy bunnies. I’ll attribute it to college rims. πŸ™‚ They don’t behave like I’m used to. Most likely my body is so tired after running down the court that I can’t lift the ball well enough. πŸ™‚ I may suck but I’m going to keep at it. Hopefully it will help me get in shape and shed a few pounds.

I was tinkering around with VASSAL last night for a while. VASSAL for those of you heathens is a program that allows people to play games, primarily wargames, without having to be together. I’ve never played the live server way, but way back when I played a couple ASL games via the email method. I’ve come back to the new versions now and then, but it always seemed foreign to me. Last night I loaded up The Mighty Endeavor mod for it and I think I understand how to play an email based game with it. So I’m going to get it set up and maybe have an email go with my evil nephew again.

We picked The Russian Front for our next face to face wargame battle. I looked over the basic rules and am in the process of clipping the counters. The basic game is very simple and lasts only three turns. I think thats a good way to start. The advanced and optional rules add quite some complexity to it. Maybe if we get VASSAL figured out, we can play the basic game with that.

I’ve been paying attention to Shindo’s posts on BGG relating to Combat Commander and A Victory Lost. Someday I will probably pick up AVL. Combat Commander didn’t really intrigue me, but hearing actual play of it sounds interesting. My evil nephew is an idiot for not finding the time to get these played with Shindo. Might be another VASSAL opportunity.

Looks like I may be learning some ASP.NET, C#, and .NET stuff at work. Though I’ve not been a Microsoft fan for quite some time, I’ll take it since anything new is better than ancient system upkeep.


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