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This will be the final installment of my recent game playing of casual games. Eventually I’ll get around to posting an After Action Report on Nick and my game of The Mighty Endeavor, which we finished up interspersed between the other games I’ll talk about here. This post will summarize the three day/two night visit from my nephew Nick over Christmas break.

Right before Nick arrived, I played through Brewmaster solo to work out the rules. The rule book seemed thicker than I would’ve thought, but it was a quick and entertaining read. It contains not only the rules but insights into why things are the way they are with just enough micro-brewery information to satisfy my love of microbrews. Nick arrived right after I finished my test game. So we jumped right in. All in all, we played this game four times over the visit. Two player – Nick won. Three player – Nick. Three player – my oldest girly-wog won. Four player – Nick won. We all really like this game, so much that we probably played it too much over the three days. We discovered we were playing crowd placement wrong and corrected that for the fourth game. Just talking about it makes me want to play it again. It is somewhat dependant on the cards you get, but it’s your decision whether you brew the simple beers, hold out for the more difficult brews, or fire your brewer and redraw your entire hand. Being a great lover of microbrew beer, this game is right up my alley. And it ‘s so much more than a take that game.

I did a bit of king making in Winner’s Circle, I have to admit. But I had very little choice. In the final race, the money leader had his bet chits on each one of mine but the last one I played. So I was already pretty much locked out of catching him. Nick and I pretty much have a meta-gaming relationship. We usually play to win until we see the other is in a dominating position, then we seek to tear down that lead at all costs. I think this is just the way three player games are. I need to change my outlook and just concentrate on improving my position. Sorry Nick. Of course, the one horse that I screwed the most was a horse he bet on and I didn’t, so it did help improve my position. I like Winner’s Circle, but I think it only needs one “1” bet chit, I have a hard enough time remembering who I bet on. 🙂

Outdoor Survival, the old game I thought unwinnable, is now becoming a quick played diversion game. We played the Lost and Survival scenarios. In Lost you must escape off the board starting in the middle. In Survival you must cross the entire board. I was able to win both. I think these games are won and lost on your decision die roll, so it’s not like I had any amazing strategy. I need to talk with my Old Daze buddies and refigure out those house rules. I know on BoardGameGeek there’s a dune buggy variant I’ll have to try sometime.

Played Leaping Lillie Pads with the girly-wogs. I actually did quite well and won, even though memory games are not my forte.

My eldest girly-wog and Nick again locked horns in Fish Eat Fish and I benefitted from being able to pick them off here and there. I need to play this more. It’s almost poker like in the feints and bluffing you can do to get your opponent to waste their big cards so that you can capitalize later.

On to a little three player Fearsome Floors. We used the basic board setup, but I think I’m done with that from now on. We all got two off the board but mine were off first. I’m pretty much heading to be the “dirty bastard” in this game. I enjoy it so much that now coming up with the perfect way to have the monster eat the other players is bringing me more and more joy. 🙂 Nick was on the verge of getting two off at the end that would have given him three off and the win, but I sacrificed my last to force him to delay to avoid the monster. If the game had one more round in it he would’ve won. Man, I love causing distress in this game.

We played a late night three player game of Lost: The Game. This was a Christmas gift. These movie or TV show quick produced board games all suffer from holes in the rules. It leads to constantly having to discuss what the intent of things are. We majorly messed up on one rule concerning equipment, but overall I think we did things correct. Some way to get more island characters on the board would be nice. I was playing Jack, Nick was playing Mr. Echo, and the wif-al unit was playing Michael. They both jumped off to leading all the characters that showed up. I had exactly one chance to lead another character, Walt. It should have been easy, but I so flubbed my die roll that I failed to control him. The object of the game is to lead all the other characters and neutralize the other main characters (players). You can also win by satisfying your main (starting) characters instant win conditions. For instance, Mr. Echo can win by defeating so many points of encounters. I can’t remember Michael’s instant win, but Jack’s is to heal a character under each other player’s control. Through the use of my fate cards, I injured one of Nick’s characters and then healed them. The rest of the game I shadowed the Wif-al Unit’s character group in the hopes that someone would get injured. This was my only hope, because I stood no chance in taking control of anyone away from Nick or her. We made a rule at the beginning that our starting characters couldn’t be killed, only injured. I regretted this as being eliminated from the game would have been a happy alternative to uselessly running around the game board. The Wif-al Unit was quite cut-throat in her use of the fate cards against Nick. He was close to getting his win condition fulfilled, before she starting stealing his characters. At one point, I had a fate card that would have given the win to one of them. I was just going to discard it, but they said let fate decide. So I played it, it required a coin flip for the condition that would have caused the game to be over, but the flip failed and the agony continued. Eventually, the Wif-al Unit was able to take control of all the other characters and win the game.

Now you probably think from my potrayal of the game, that I hate it. But actually I think it’s somewhat fun and would play it again. It’s got a ton of neat hexagon shapes that you use to build the game map, we used a 5 x 5 grid. The funnest part to me is exploring the game map. It starts face down, and as you move onto something you turn it up to see what’s there. I’ll play it again. It’s a bit annoying when you can’t get anybody under your control, and things have pretty much deteorate to just keeping all your characters together, no incentive to separate them. So it seems like whoever jumps out the early character lead will win.

All in all a fun little visit with a lot of fun games played.


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  1. Nick Says:

    Thanks again for letting me come over…Maybe I’ll have to write my own version of The Mighty Endeavor so we can see how they compare and how we thought we were doing. It would be interesting to see…

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Yeah, I need to get going on mine. I grabbed the pictures but need to condense and organize them. I should have taken notes beyond the first couple of turns also.

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