Christmas Party Gaming

In my continuing effort to get caught up on my game playing posts, let’s head back to Christmas on my side. Suprisingly we got in quite a bit of gaming.

My second playing of Give Me the Brain had six players. If you’ll recall whoever holds the brain has the possibility to drop it whenever they perform a job that requires the brain. If the brain is dropped all players then can use bidding cards from their hand to take control of the brain. Whoever got the brain, then gets to start the next round. So with six players, the chance of certain players not getting to play much is a possibility. But in our game that didn’t happen. I think everyone pretty much had equal chances to take their turn. Another aspect of the game I didn’t mention last time is that each job you perform requires a certain number of your hands. Zombies have two hands, so you can perform one two-handed job or two one-handed jobs. At one point, I had the “extra hand” card in play which gave me three hands with which to perform jobs. Totally awesome! Until a vindictive player wiped out all such equipment type cards from play. Curses! We even had a couple cards in play whose job would just move the card into someone else’s hand. I still find this quite entertaining and the extra players didn’t spoil it one bit.

I took part in my second playing of Bang! I believe one of the expansions were in with it also. We again had the six players, which meant that there was the sheriff and a deputy, 3 outlaws who wanted to kill the sheriff, and a renegade who hated everybody. I was an outlaw with the sheriff all the way on the other side of the table. For those who aren’t familiar with this game, everyone’s identity, except the sheriff, is kept secret. So I had two other outlaws on my side, but didn’t know who they were. The game started off pretty much a free for all, my sister attacked the sheriff and my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law attacked me. I had to immediately survive some the roving dynamite sticks. A lot of back in forth in this one. My sister dropped out first, as usual I’ve heard, shot by the sheriff. Later we found out she was an outlaw. Highlight of the game for me was when the wif-al unit played a DUEL card against me. I beat her with three shots to her two. My brother-in-law dropped out, killed by the sheriff. Later found out he was an outlaw also. By this time there were two sticks of dynamite going around the table. I luckily bypassed them again. I had a chance to finish off my nephew, but at the time felt he was an outlaw with how he had been playing. He eventually attacked me though but I survived. Turned out he was the deputy Everybody was pretty low on life points. I bypassed the dynamite sticks again, but the sheriff wasn’t so lucky next time. I won as the outlaw. I never thought the renegade had much chance in Bang, but the wif-al unit was in a pretty good spot if the dynamite wouldn’t have struck.

Had my first taste of For Sale, two games in fact. This reminds me of a light Modern Art. I think I probably finished last in both games but it was still fun.

We tried to play Modern Art, but quickly found out how easy it is for someone that doesn’t want to play to ruin the game. So we aborted our attempt midway through.

Finished off the long day with a Formula De’ race at some African track. I’ve always liked Formula De’ but hardly ever agree to play it because of how long it seems to take. The five of us each used only one car this time and things moved rather nicely. We finished our one lap race in around a half hour. Everyone stayed pretty focused on it also, which helped. This one is back on my “will play” list. I wish I could get this one in more regularly. It would be so cool to be in a league. The quicker play might even entice me to try the three lap race with pit stops.


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