Old Books and such

In response to my recent post chronicaling my old role playing days, my buddy Sixftunda posted his rememberances of the books we read around that time. I started posting a comment on his blog but it started getting so long, I thought I’d better post it here.

The question was: “John do you still have those Dragonlance books?”

I went through my book collection years ago and razed it back when space was at a premium. I wish I still had everything, just like I wish I kept all my old games from back then. I did keep all 3 of the Dragonlance books from that original series. I think I even tried starting to read the first book again, but lost interest. I’ll have to try again sometime. Unfortunately, I got rid of The Survivalist books. I think I looked at them and thought they seemed so slim and so cheesey that I couldn’t believe we read them back then. 😦 I wish I would’ve tried to read them again. But it looks like there ended up with like 29 books in the series, from what I remember I think I had up to 7 or 8. So tracking the rest down would’ve been a nightmare. Check this out: “If civilization were destroyed today — would John Thomas Rourke be able to survive…?”

Good stuff! I remember John had a lover’s triangle with his wife and the hot Russian Natalia.

This is good. After reading your post, it made me think of some other things from the good old days.

Remember our version of GI:Joe with the evil mastermind James Coburn Commander.

Or Lloyd Harnishfager with his chants of “TEAR DOWN FAIRGROUNDS!”.


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