Early December gaming

Let’s go back to December 2, 2006. The gaming nephews stopped over to get in some games.

The Haunting House. The object is to make it from the entrance to the exit. It plays somewhat like RoboRally where you use command cards on how your figure will move. However, there are also a few rounds of randomness. This seems a little bit dry after one playing. It almost seems like a decent strategy is to hang out near a corner, hope for the random corner move, and then move out it. That’s how this one was won by Eric. I’d like to play it a bit more before ruling it out, because I really like the theme and RoboRally factor.

Give Me the Brain, a birthday present. Didn’t know what to expect from this one. It’s pretty much a take that game, where you try to get rid of all your cards. Certain cards can only be used if you hold the brain, and every time you use one of the brain cards you must roll a difficulty check to see if you drop the brain. Dropping the brain results in a bidding round to see who gets to pick the brain up. The new brain owner then gets to take a turn. It’s possible that someone could play the game without getting a turn but I’ve not seen that yet. It’s a nice entertaining light game that I wouldn’t turn down. I’ve played it with 3 and with 6 and enjoyed both playings. I pulled this one out by forcing a hand switch with the low player and then using those cards to finish out. It’s fun coming up with cool card combos.

Chez Geek and the many expansions. This is one of the ultimate take that games, beating even the Munchkins. But I find it more enjoyable than Munchkin. We figured out a few more rules we missed and the next time should be even more enjoyable. I think Eric won this one.

Carribbean. Got in the first playing of this. You have to bid on the pirate ships with rum to get them to take and deliver booty to your ports. I won but didn’t enjoy it all that much. I think more plays are required to reveal deeper strategies and conflict with the other players. I found myself bidding huge on the one ship that would deliver to me. I know that this could backfire but it seemed to work. Next time I’ll seek to confound my opponents with a strategy bent solely on messing up their strategy. 🙂

Pirateer. This is a little gem. Up to four opponents square off trying to get the single treasure back to their base. You have 3 ships with which to maneuver, attack, and take the treasure. Two dice allow you to move two ships or one. The full movement must be used. This is a chess like game in my opinion, but much more enjoyable. We played with three players so we played three games so each player could have the empty base near them to eliminate any advantage. I won one and Eric won twice. It’s a fun little quick game that has some variant rules, including the atomic bomb option. Look forward to more of this one.

Fish Eat Fish, another birthday present. You move fish around a board eating neutral fish and going to war against opponents fish. Battles are won by who has the highest total of fish added with a battle card you play. Each player startes with the same battle cards and lost them through battles. Remembering which opponents have used what cards is essential. Nice strategy game that provides a nice quick diversion. Nick won this one.

Eric left and Nick and I decided to begin playing The Mighty Endeavor which I had set up. After going over the rules we started with my Allies going against Nick’s Germans. We stayed up quite late, getting half-way through. I’ll try to post a separate story dealing with just this along with pictures. At the end of this, the Allies had reached the Ardennes a couple of months early. However, a risky encircling maneuver to attempt to catch around 9 German divisions out of supply, ended up putting myself out of supply. Looking back a stupid move, but if it had worked, I could have waltzed through the fortifications of the West Wall.


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