Work, It'll Kill Ya

I don’t normally talk about work. I’ve been wanting to write an entry chronicling the events that transpired from when I decided I didn’t want to work at my previous job anymore until I actually got a new job, but haven’t. Mainly I wanted to do that for myself so I could remember the dates and such, if I haven’t already. Anyways, this isn’t that.

I had a regular doctor check up on Friday, my first since July. My last 2-4 previous visits had saw my blood pressure elevated to where my doctor wasn’t real happy with. Also, I wasn’t looking for real good news, what with eating restaurant food for two weeks and Thanksgiving in the not too distant past. But much to my surprise, my top number came down nicely. Doc was very happy and so was I. He said if I get that bottom number down a little more we could look at reducing my medicine.

He also said whatever I’m doing to keep it up. I haven’t really done anything….except switch jobs. I’m actually shocked that this could be it. I mean there’s the stress involved with new jobs, learning the new way things run, new people, etc. The funny thing is that I never had any BP problems until after I started my last job. And now it’s going down, hopefully to stay. BP problems run in my family, so who knows. It’s funny though. šŸ™‚

Look here in the future for a recap of my monster gaming this past weekend.


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  1. Vincent T. Says:

    LMAO I got the headline as soon as I saw it. Laughed so hard my perch-ed bird died

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