From the Exit at the End of the Interstate

Okay, if you haven’t realized it, the Halloween pics were really me dressed up after going trick or treating with the girlywogs. No, I haven’t let my hair go crazy, that was my mullet wig. My hair’s getting a little wooly, but I’m still subscribing to the near skinhead look. Of course, you probably should know that this picture was taken after I took all my padding off. Yep, them’s my muscles! 🙂

So, I’m in a hotel room right now. This looks to be one of my most boring travel experiences to date. There is nothing here. This exit is in a timewarp. I don’t know how this hotel can stay in business, I could hardly find it. There’s like 3 or 4 non-descript office buildings stretched across what seems like miles of parking lot. Luckily I found which one I needed to go to. Following the road that goes in either direction, you’d think you were traveling through Amish country. I don’t understand how this can be given I’m near a major city. It’s spooky. The maids aren’t even foreigners if that tells you anything.


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