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It should be a busy weekend. I’ve got a list made out of work that I need to do. All that winterizing crap that is the joy of owning a home. Damn winter snuck up on me. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend. With my training classes coming up, I need to get this done. Of course, with the new job getting me home later, my time during the week is less and less.

Speaking of work, I just want to convey one of the most amazing feelings I’ve had since taking the new job. That feeling is one of peace, of not worrying about getting called at all hours for some stupid or annoying problem. It is so wonderful. Technically, I’m in a support agreement with the old job, but that’s only as a last line of support. For that to happen, someone would have had to really screw up where they feel that I’m the only one that could fix it. I feel I left things in a very stable condition. Also, technically, I’m on call with the new job, but there are far less opportunities for that type of problem, especially ones that would be noticed after hours. I’m so much less tense nowadays, you have no idea. Some sacrifices were made, but I’m thinking they were definately worth it.

I may have a nice Halloween treat for you if I can figure out how to put pictures in this blog. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

For a nice lightweight IDE for Java when you don’t want to start up Eclipse or use Notepad, check out Dr Java.

I got myself and the rest of my team memberships to the ACM. It’s pretty reasonable for a membership. I was tempted to renew myself but then was able to get it through work again. I find the access to all the online books and courses more than makes up for the cost.

I’m getting caught up on a backlog of podcasts that accumulated while switching jobs. I need to start picking out a podiobook or two to load up for my trip.

I’ve been under the weather for most of this week. First time in a while that I’ve had a sickness, which is uncharacteristic for me. I usually catch all kinds of bugs. Maybe the nose surgery is working.

Might do a Pit LIVE! on Saturday if I think of it. Don’t know though, the Tigers will probably be on.

Why do sports have a way of making me want to throw things at the TV?


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