Late nights

I get so peeved at these prime time sports broadcasts. I gave up watching most sporting events that start at 9pm on a work night. These baseball broadcasts are just about as annoying. Last night, a Saturday night, they start it at 8pm and guess what? It was over at 11pm. Now maybe I’ve just become an old fuddy-duddy, but darnit, I like going to bed at 11pm when I have to work the next day. I’m a lot happier, a lot more awake, and just plain pleasant to be around. But tonight, as with the rest of these work night games, they don’t get the game started until 8:19 to 8:30. (Who comes up with a dumb-*** start time like 8:19?) Oh, I really needed to see John Mellencamp perform, can’t start a baseball game without that can we? Okay, we have to hear the National Anthem, though I wasn’t a big fan of Anita Baker’s rendition. Sorry, no offense, just wasn’t super impressed. The one freakin thing I actually would have wanted to see was Sparky Anderson throwing out the first pitch. But did I get to see that. Nope. So I’ll be up until like 11:30 or midnight watching the game and be miserable tomorrow. Sucks to be a sports fan. Oh well, at least it hopefully won’t compare to watching Wings playoff overtime until 3am.

I had my second Shiner Kolsch tonight. Shiner is a pretty decent brewery from Texas. I’ve tried their Bock which is pretty tasty. The Kolsch doesn’t disappoint either. Though it’s as light as all the crap beer that comes from the mass producers, it’s got a very refreshing taste. Tonight’s went down much too fast, it was that good. It leaves me looking forward to later this week when I can have my third.

I’ve got some training coming up soon for a couple of weeks. Past history has shown that I’ve had some of my most productive times of work happen on Pit when I’m away at training classes. What I’ll work on though, that’s the question. There are a ton of good ideas thought up by the Pit players over the past few years sitting in the Pit Forum. My general disease of laziness the past years has stunted Pit’s progress. But I’m always concerned any additionally added complexity will further alienate the casual player. So who knows, here’s the possibliities I can think of off the top of my head.

  • Add some Pit enhancements to the current codebase (C++)
  • Re-develope Pit in Java
  • Do some actual coding on my wargame ideas, as opposed to just thinking about it and jotting down notes.
  • There’s that pirate idea I’ve had.
  • A grocery list idea I’ve had for some time that would sort your grocery list in the order that you shop through the store you go to.
  • Anything else that pops into my head.

There’s a certain blog I read that I think was calling me out. I responded with an email but have yet to hear back. This same pip-squeak still hasn’t said whether he’s playing Pit for sure. 😉 Of course, I guess it’s good for business if he’s busy. 🙂 So morbid.


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