Tuesday Night Ramblings

I’m not liking The Amazing Race being on Sunday. This past Sunday was the first time since the season premiere that we were able to watch the whole episode. Previous times, football ran over pushing the start back. We just can’t remember that it’s on to watch it real-time.

The Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA is such an amazing tasting beer to have with dinner.

The Nutty Irishman coffee drink at the George House is a very nice companion to lunch.

OJ still rules breakfast.

I’ve started loading some of my Pink Floyd ROIO’s onto my IPod, most likely as a result of paying attention to Sixftunda’s blog. It’s been enjoyable so far. My favorite that I’ve listened to recently is Meddler.

IThe Mighty Endeavor update:Counters are clipped. Plexiglass is covering the map. Starting forces are setup. Re-read over the rules again. I’m ready to get started, just waiting until I actually have some time to devote to it. Problem will be keeping the rules straight in my head. I came to the realization through all this that I actually never clipped counters before. As a result, some of my counters are a bit over-butchered, but everything is visible. As the clipping went on though, I got the point that I needed to just clip a little of the corners. I’ve also come to the conclusion that there ain’t no way I’m going to try to clip all my ASL counters.

I’ve had trouble with my router for quite some time. Periodically it would get into a spell where everytime it was time to automatically renew its address via DHCP, it wouldn’t. Looking at the status of it would show it with a address. I would have to manually provoke it to renew an address. Over the weekend, it would retain an address but after renewing it, my other PC’s could only access the internet for like 10 minutes. Finally I bypassed the router to a PC and things were fine. I noticed the IP address was different and so were the DNS entries. So I set the router up to ghost that PC’s MAC address and things have been better than before. I never had to give a MAC address to my provider so I don’t know why that was the problem.

I’ve started to use my wireless access point again. I’m really enjoying moving to different spots in the house. I do need to lock the thing down since right now it’s wide open. My security with it has been to unplug it when I’m not using it. If there’s anybody out there that uses a wireless access point, let me know what your security strategy is. Do you set up a secret SSID that you don’t broadcast? Do you use WEP so that only cards with the proper key set can access it? Let me know.


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  1. Sixftunda Says:

    woohoo good to see ya back into PF a little. I dont use nay security on my wireless.

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