Roar Restored

For the hockey skip below…
I’ve come to the realization that I still am (will always be) truly a Tigers fan. Watching this playoff series found me on the edge of my seat, stomach turning upside down, and probably a few beers away from tears in happiness watching the players sharing the win with the fans. You see, I’ve felt somewhat guilty watching and taking pleasure from the Tigers series considering my fallout with baseball since the strike. But you know what, I shouldn’t be. I’ve always stated that I was a Tiger fan when a conversation swtiched to baseball, even during the 119 loss season of 2003.. I’ve always stated how much baseball meant to me in my youth, and how it just hasn’t been the same since the strike. And I’ve always kept an eye on things in the paper and on the internet for the most part through the years. What’s really cleared this up for me though was thinking of the Pistons. I used to be a big Pistons fan back in the “bad boy” days. But when they were such poor sports after the Bulls beat them following their back to back championships, they fell out of favor with me. And when they won it again a couple of years ago, I really didn’t care. I was of course happy for them being a Detroit team without big stars, but I claimed no ownership as fan. But NBA basketball, or any basketball for that matter, no longer holds much enjoyment for me. So I feel entitled to be happy and thrilled and excited.

I remember two years ago watching the Red Sox come back and beat the Yankees while traveling for work in Columbus. That made me happy. And now I know what it feels like when my team beats the hated Yankees. I probably hate the Yankees almost as much as the Indians, though thats another story.

Who the heck is Norton? Watching the little bit of hockey that I have so far, I’m still trying to figure out who’s who of the new guys. I thought I kept track of things pretty well during the pre-season, but that guys snuck through. Other newbies that I think I know about are Hudler, Kopecky, Hasek (again), Markov, am I missing anybody? I don’t know how I feel about Lidstrom being the new captain. I have nothing against Lidstrom, but I don’t see him sticking around for much longer. He’s been wanting to take his family back to Sweden for years now. And I really expect after his current contract is up, he’ll head back, unless that has always been a negotiating ploy. I would much rather have seen it go to Zetterberg, really make him feel ownership of this team. Maybe they figure he’s not ready and would give it to him when Nick does head back to Sweden, who knows. But in that case, I think I’d rather see Draper get it. To me, he’s shown the most Yzerman-like work ethic and epitomizes ownership of your team. Oh well, whatever. Maybe I’m still getting over the Captain not being there anymore.

Which brings me to the point of picking a new favorite player. Just how the heck do you go about doing this? In my early days in baseball, my favorite Tiger was Steve Kemp. When he moved on (retired? I can’t remember), Kirk Gibson took that mantle. When I watched the Pistons it was Joe Dumars. Since I’ve become the fanatical hockey fan that I am, it’s been Yzerman. Now, how do I decide who my favorite Wing is now? Is it okay to not have one? Will I be less of a fan? If Legace was still around, I’d probably pick him. I’m thinking I’ll just give it some time. I haven’t really seen these young kids play much.

Which brings me to the next point. Man, it just seems too early to watching hockey. I’m having a tough time really getting into it through these two games.

I forgot to mention that I went to The Ohio Linux Fest last weekend. It was pretty cool. I think I could go and listen to talks on all this available open-source programs for days. Not to mention that Barley’s was right across the street. I brought back a growler of their Scottish Ale. Yummy! By the way, the home beer of choice at the moment is the Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale. Double Yummy!


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