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Here I sit watching my Detroit Tigers in the playoffs for the first time since 1987. It’s pretty amazing. Baseball used to be my life until the strike in what was it, 1993 or 1994? I can’t remember. My psyche put it out of my mind. Since then hockey has ruled, and I could count on less than a hand how many baseball games I’ve actually sat and watched. (Yes, I know hockey had a strike that wiped out an entire season and I still love hockey, I don’t know why but we’re not talking hockey here, are we? Jeez!) I’ve always still considered myself a Tigers fan and have kept an eye on the standings via the paper or internet. But it’s never been the joy for me it once was. I’ve gone from a young boy who used to know every player in the major leagues, to hardly knowing many of the players on my own team.

I still really enjoy playing computer games that allow me to be the manager/general manager. My favorite of which is still Front Page Sports:Baseball 98. I haven’t played it in a few years, but have been meaning to get back into it. I’m stuck at the All-Star Break in the season I stopped. I think I was in my 10th or 11th season in the game. I’d taken my Detroit Tigers from losing 100 games in their inaugural season, to winning the Championship their last three seasons. I love this game. I started my initial draft taking young players with potential. We sucked at first but as they matured and with a few well timed acquisitions became a powerhouse. The team is starting to show it’s age though and low draft picks is starting to hurt. I really need to get back to playing that. You could play the twitch part if you wanted, but all I do is set the default lineup vs left and right handed pitchers, the starting rotation and other pitchers roles. I pretty much just simulate it game by game and maybe make minor tweaks along the and deal with making and dealing with trade offers. When my team would make the playoffs, then I’d actually start managing. It’s been enjoyable. The first time I made the playoffs, I lost in the first round to the eventual winner in seven games. What a blast! This is a great game for stats junkies, you can easily get lost in it. You also have to deal with fatigue and injuries and retirements.

Even though I’m not as much into major league baseball as I once was, there is one thing I still know for sure:


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