The gang was all there!

Well, I had said yesterday that our plans were very loose. In fact, the only place we got to that I had mentioned was Munchies. The wife-al unit decided that we might as well just check out the ‘fest for a while since we still had the tickets. We stayed for most of it, leaving probably a half-hour before the end time (though that end time was taken very loosely by the tasters last year). Not having the wife-al unit able to take part and talk about the beer with kind of made it not taste all that amazing. Even my favorite from last year, Shoreline Brewery’s Scottish Ale, held no specialness for me.

We still had a great time though in the people watching aspect. The regulars from last year were all there. “The guy who looked familiar from last year but nothing else” was there. As was the lead singer from Coldplay. This year he had his special girl with him, but it wasn’t Gwenneth. Last year he ended up on the curb, head in hands, but we left before he got that far this year. The dirty old wheelchair man was there, checking out woman’s behinds. The wife-al unit hid behind me every time he came around. He also had a woman with him. They looked similiar, so either it was his sister or someone who he grabbed last year stuck around. Ran into the guy from Wapakaneta who we hung out with last year. He remembered us and we hung out again. We had an enjoyable time watching the Warbird girl flirt with the Shoreline guy. They each wore the other’s merchandise, which probably was very confusing to those tasters who tasted too much. She also had bumper stickers sticking front and back in the unmentionable areas.

By far the funniest part of the ‘fest (albeit the raunchiest) concerned a certain male body part that was drawn on the Shoreline beer chalk board. Wapak went and asked the Warbird girl if she had drawn that and she said “I traced it.”

Best shirt of the day goes to a Utah brewing company advertising their Polygamy Porter. The tag line was “Why settle for just one.”

There was quite a few other characters, but none that got branded with their own names. We’ll probably keep this as an anniversary tradition. Hopefully the wife-al unit can take part next year.

Later we ate at Don Pablo’s. Yumm! We didn’t make Jefferson Pointe and probably won’t today. We’re just about ready to check out and will most likely hit Bob Evan’s for brunch. I might be able to talk the wife-al unit into lounging at the bookstore for a little bit, but we’ll see.

Gots to go. CYA!


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