Happy Anniversary to Us

We got into town last night and looked for somewhere to eat. Saw a place called The Blu Tomato, pretty strange, but intriguing. We didn’t go there though. We ended up at Fish of Stroh. Nothing special, your typical family type restaurant that specialized in fish. My salmon was a bit overdone (Gordon Ramsey would have went ape). We then strolled over to Top Shelf Games. Interesting place. I’ve never seen a game store where the player area was bigger than the game shelf areas. There was also a room in back that I barely noticed. Don’t know what was back there. They had a little different mix of games than MtG but still in line with that. Using more of my birthday money, I satisfied my addiction and bought some more. Carribean, Carcassonne:The City, Carcassonne The Tower expansion, Citadels, and The Haunting House (I think that’s its name.) After that we checked in and relaxed the rest of the night.

Today we plan on hitting a bookstore/coffee shop, Jefferson Pointe (never been there), and Munchies. I was unable to unload our beerfest tickets, so I may see if I can get my glass and shirt while we’re there. It’s an extra glass and shirt to use, even though they won’t really hold any sentimental value. I did bring my growler so I can bring some back home for later. Basically other than those few stops (which can easily be cut), it’s just going to be a spontaneous free-form day. No pressure!

It’s pretty cool. This time our actual anniversary falls on a Saturday again. So it’s easy to recall how things went.


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  1. Go Guy Jim Says:

    The Blu Tomato sucks from what I’ve heard. Sounds like you did yourself a favor by passing on it.

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