Beat the month deadline

Wow, it’s been nearly a month.

Quick catchup:

– Softball season is in full swing
– Pit is done except for the BP Finale (someday I’ll get around to it)
– The Wing-Off is this weekend where I will run the show as Wingmaster and hand over my glass stein to the next winner
– The team the Red Wings lost to made it to the Finals for the 3rd consecutive season. (And it’s looking like they will lose again)
– I purchased a batch of games. New ones include Silent War, Plunder, Carcassonne:Hunters & Gatherers, Deflexion. Expansions include: Carcassonne:King & Scout, Carcassonne:Count of Carcassonne, Carcassonne:River 2.
– We’ve been playing a lot of Carcassonne lately. I know it gets bashed quite a bit by gamers but I don’t mind it. It’s one of the few games the family likes to play with me. I liken it to old men sitting around playing dominoes in the park. We’ve actually been playing it on the picnic table and patio table.
– Deflexion is pretty cool. Reminds me of a futuristic more exciting chess.
– Busy, busy, busy
– The gaming itch needs scratched, but I’m looking forward to actually having some weekends free for a change. I decided not to go to Origins. Some year I will, it sounds cool.
– The Wif-al Unit’s birthday is less than a month away. Anybody got any gift ideas?
– Father’s Day is very soon. Anybody got any gift ideas for the father who has everything?
– The van is still getting fixed (3rd day). They gave us a loaner. A grandfather should be driving it. It’s amazing how a car can evoke such age defining qualities.
– Blood pressure’s maybe coming back down. Stress level has topped off. I’m starting to just not really care anymore. Whatever.
– I hosted a poker event last month. I actually won a game. We played some Omaha afterwards. I can’t say that I like that game.
– I’ve got some ideas down for my new game design. It’s the Pit predecessor. I think I mentioned it previously. Sometime I’ll have to put up my unit definitions and explanations for comment. It’s been a few weeks since I worked on it. I’d like to get it all defined and mapped out. My original intent was to write it in Java, but I’ve started pondering the idea of using PHP and MySql so it would be easy to put on the web easier. I don’t know how nice PHP is for programming large projects though. The little bit I’ve looked at some things (Red Dragon was done in PHP) it looks like it can be messy.

That’s all for now. Need to get to Work.


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