Music and the Pit prequel

So it’s been a while since my last post. The Wings have been eliminated early for the 3rd straight playoff year. It’s hard to complain with the success that they have had, but when they go in the favorite every stinking year and have such a great flop, it’s a bit hard to stomach. At least I didn’t have to tear down my Red Wings flag this season like I did after that sweep by the Mighty Ducks. It was another pitiful Detroit effort with the same crap result. Supposedly hot goaltender, all the lucky bounces went there way, blah blah. Whatever! At one point, I thought the only way they could score was 5 on 3, or if they caught a lucky break. It just seems to me that most of the “veterans” think the other team will just lie down and they don’t have to hustle or work. Players on my shit list are: Mathew Schneider – yes he was the Wings leading scorer, but the number of giveaways and crap penalties attributed to him have become too much for me to stomach. Brendan Shanahan – while I believe he’s a huge competitor he also seems to be the biggest one making excuses. Saying that the Wings were the better team except for a 6-7 minute lapse in every game. PLEASE!!!! Pavel Datsyuk – Does he still play for us come late April/early May? Yeah, he was coming back from an injury, but 22 playoff games without a goal. I think he may be worth trading for a god-like goaltender.

That last statement doesn’t mean I think Legace lost us the series because I don’t. Just like I don’t think our goaltenders have been our problem the last three seasons. The way the Wings have been stacked, we shouldn’t have to depend on our goaltender. I’m the first one to defend Curtis Joseph and how much the Wings crapped on him in his stay in Detroit.

I poured probably the best Black & Tan I’ve ever poured tonight. Cool!

I freakin love IMF (international music feed) channel. I’ve been introduced to so many new music artists there. If you haven’t already checked out 10 Years, do yourself a favor and buy it.

Another artist to check out is Josh Woodward. This is a guy that we saw at Coffee Amici in Findlay. Pretty good. We picked up his lated album. You gotta check out the song Snooter. It’s pretty good.

Had a pretty good Mommy’s day weekend. We ate at the Japanese Steakhouse last night, and I grilled tonight. I may have to make my spicy grilled shrimp for one of the Pit gatherings. I love it.

SO it’s that time again when I fill you in on the latest project that I probably won’t ever finish. This one has been at the forefront of my thoughts for at least two weeks though. It seems I’m finally getting back to the original concept that got sidetracked to create Pit. I’m ready to create Overlord. Or at least start creating a wargame like thing. The idea is to start at the bare bones and make a very simplistic multiplayer war game. Through each iteration of the play of the game, the complexity would be raised. I was stuck for quite a while with the workings of the base attributes in a formula to decide battle damage. It was quite stressing. I think I’m at the point now where I’m going to base it on the block wargame concept. Each unit will have a varying number of steps which will be an indication of how much damage they can take. A strength attribute which indicates how many dice they roll in battle. A power attribute which indicates what number they must roll less than or equal to to cause a hit. A battle init indication for when they attack in a battle. Number of movement points(though I think the farthest would be like two spaces). How far they can see. How far they can attack. And maybe an initiative of when they move. A lot of ideas have been going around in my head. PLEASE, any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Even if it’s just to say that you would be willing to play it. I figure it would be a simultaneous type game where you’d send in your orders once a week and they would all be run on the weekend, much like Pit. The thing I’m most excited about would be multiple technology tracks where you could divert some of your funds to research better/more powerful units. I’m thinking it will have infantry, armor, artiller, and air power. It’s in the early stages so who knows when or if it will be done. No code has been thrown yet, but I do know I will be using the following tools:Java, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, and Hibernate. I’m thinking it will take an order file from the players that it will parse since I’m still not anywhere close to putting up any kind of web front end for anything. That is unless anybody knows of a web host that allows you access to a Tomcat engine for JSP’s.

I’m hosting the monthly work poker game this week. Figure I’d better host it so that I actually make one the nights. I’ve played in exactly 3 games so far this season. That’s games not nights. I’ve missed three nights. I’m a bit behind but am looking forward to this Friday.


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