Hockey Restored

So I’m now able to watch OLN. Enough people must have complained that Dish and OLN worked something out. I had to upgrade to a higher channel package. Hopefully we don’t start liking these extra channels. I’m actually able to see music videos on VH1 Classic and I’m going to be looking up the Military Channel and History Channel International soon. It was good to see a Wings win last night. Going into this series I was a bit worried. Edmonton reminds me of the Calgary team that derailed us a few years ago. Hard working grinders, but with a run and gun aspect. A huge game 5 tomorrow that I hope the Wings come ready for. The defense has looked atrocious (what’s with untouched puck carrying Oilers getting within 10 feet of Legace while the Wings on are the power play) and Legace just does not look comfortable in net, jumping all over the place. They need more hustle, more skating, and a little smarter play (what’s with the constant penalties). Babcock needs to wake this team up. I’m also getting sick of McTavish. I liked him as a player, but I’m getting sick of all the media comments that have been spewing from his mouth. Have your players present it on the ice, don’t whine about the Wings getting special treatment because their a veteran team. Penalties have been going both ways (a ton of penalties). I’m getting annoyed with all the penalties.

I’ll be following my new playoff ritual tomorrow that I discovered last night. Go Wings!!!

In other news, one of the podcasts I listen to is The Dice Tower. They hold a game giveaway contest that usually runs for like 3 weeks. I was one of the winner of the last one. I won one of the sets from the game Nature of the Beast. Pretty cool. Of all their contests, it wasn’t the one I would have picked to win, but I’m not complaining. A free game is still a free game. I haven’t looked over the rules yet, but I’ll let you know what I think once I play it.

A game I’ve really been contemplating getting is Silent War. I’ve always liked submarine stuff. It’s a bit pricey though, so I’ve been stalling getting it.

I haven’t been playing much Hold’em this year. So far I’ve only made 1 out of 4 nights and played in 3 games. I lucked out and split a game and got 3rd in another. It just hasn’t been a high priority so far.


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