Puck a duck, I'm crying on my Puck

All week I was planning on making a huge post on the playoffs with predictions and how excited I was, but then I found this out and now you get this instead.

I am so sad. The Wings start their Cup drive on Friday and I will not be able to see it. I will not be able to see many of their playoff games from the looks of it. Why you may ask? Because of the lockout the NHL had to settle on giving TV rights to OLN, a channel I had never heard of before. I signed up with Dish Network and got the NHL Center Ice package. It said you’d get regular season games plus the first two rounds of the playoffs. I figured that meant after that it would switch to a regular network channel or maybe the ESPN’s. Nope, not only did I have to suffer the occasional game that was blocked because it was on OLN, I now have most of the playoffs inaccessible to me. The Wings first round games are all on OLN except games two and five. I can’t get OLN because them and Dish had a spat in October.

I am sooooooooo upset and down. This really sucks. The playoffs are so freakin cool. The tenseness of the possible impact and finality of every game are amazing. But I won’t have that. I’ll be able to check the web now and then for a score update. Whoop-di-pucking-do!


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