A wonderful Sunday afternoon out, but I’m my normal bump on a log self. Travel this week really drained me and I’ve not been able to get out of my lethargic funk. A four day week ahead and then a vacation day next Monday is looking very inviting to me. I should be out preparing things for the coming summer

Played a game of Carcassonne last night with the girlywogs and the wife-al unit. I think the kids are hooked. We play without the farmers which even I am not entirely sure how they work. We might play later today again, as long as they clean their rooms and get washed up without a ton of nagging on my part.

Going to do some more grilling today. Probably just chicken breasts, asparagus, and potato packs, but I love anything on the grill.

A comment regarding the future of Pit on my last blog entry, and new game concept that I ran past a couple of people, have sparked some concern in a few of you about future seasons of Pit. I’ll have to draft a forum post or perhaps make a blog entry and then link to it in the forum. What I’ll really be doing is asking for a rough poll of everyone’s interest in future seasons. Being a stats junkie, I enjoy just seeing records accumulate, but a majority of rudderless stables takes a lot of that joy away from me. The origin of Pit was as a way to keep in touch with my old friends, but with real lives intervening and myself losing some of my enthusiasm for improvement, the forum has grown silent and the game become just a hunk of numbers. But I’ll post something in the future, maybe not until after the season’s complete.

I’m quite proud of myself. My last two trips to Pittsburgh I’ve avoided going to the game store and buying more games. However, the urge to play an actual wargame is starting to grow. I may need to set one up just to play through solitaire. Either that or I need to re-figure out how to use VASL and re-acquaint myself with ASL and teach my nephew. Actually though, I think I’m more in the mood for a grand strategy type, something encompassing an entire front of battle.


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  1. Nick Says:

    What?! Not going to a game store? What a disgrace…:)

  2. 2!3054). Says:

    Hmmm, sounds like you need to learn how to play EastFront or Europe Engulfed!

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