Grilled Ramblings

So, I’ve had about two posts in the last two months, one that probably doesn’t really count. I’ve started wondering whether this blog is really worth the lack of effort I put into it. 🙂

It’s the same old story. During my days I have a ton of thoughts that end in “That would make a good blog post.” And then in the evening, I never sit down to post or usually have forgotten anything interesting to type. Tis a double edged sword, having a brain that thinks of interesting things but can’t remember them.

So here’s some ramblings.

Work is going well. I’ve got probably a month and half before I start catching hell on my project. I think I’ll be good though.

I still can’t fathom how to smoke meat. My beer-butt chicken was still far too low a temperature after what I consider far too long. I’m not going to get rid of the smoker though. It makes a nice glorified oven to keep things warm when I grill a bunch.

I’ve yet to post on my gaming weekend from a few weeks back. Had a blast, made a resolution, and found a love for Modern Art. I will play this game anytime, anywhere! Also played Betrayal at House on the Hill. My initial thoughts were that is it fun, but tough on the traitor. The more I ponder it though, I don’t know if there’s really much skill involved. We finally beat Warhammer Quest after a cave-in and a restart. For anyone who pays attention to what games I play on BGG, I put the games on the wrong day and was too lazy to correct things, just to warn you.

I’ve got Killer Bunnies now, but haven’t played it. Go figure! Oh, and we actually played another Zombies game to completion. Our accelerated rules seem to work. I’m still undefeated in Fearsome Floors, I just love that game.

I need to get my basement clean so I can set some things up.

I’m still waiting on feedback for an idea I sent out to a few people.

Shiraz-Cabernet isn’t too bad.

I’ve started to think about the future of Pit. We seem to be losing players every year. And the bulk of those remaining are usually inactive. I don’t know if we should continue it or not. Thoughts?

The coming months will be quite busy. Too many parties at my house for my confort zone. But alas, it’s a necessity.

One man’s faith, is a another man’s excuse for atrocities.

I need to play Civ 4.

I’ve become a podcast junkie. I’m listening to more podcasts on my iPod than I do music, and I’m subscribing to more monthly. Horrible!

Once I hear from my two Mac fans that the new Intel based Mac Mini’s are proven, I’m getting one. I’d rather buy a Mac laptop, but I just don’t think I’m ready to make that kind of monetary commitment.

Time to go, or I’ll just keep rambling.


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  1. MacDude Says:

    Modern Art rocks, it was an instant hint when we started playing several years ago. As far as the new Intel Mac Mini’s, I’ll most likely be picking one of them up here in June…

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