Catch up

It’s been a while since I posted and I thought I’d take a break and catch up with you.

Work has been busy, busy, busy. Being out for nearly a month can cause quite a back log to accumulate. I’ve mainly been trying to push my Linux/PostgreSQL/Java project forward but things have been crawling. My developers and I have been trying to get familiar with Hibernate and Spring (open source free code stuff for you non-programmers). I’m having our designer/consultant come out to Pittsburgh in a few weeks to provide some mentoring for us all, so it’s back to PGH for me. I was there a week ago and it seems it will becoming more frequent. I’ve got a deadline looming.

So I was there and I didn’t stop by the game store that I found the last time I was out. I have enough games waiting in the pipeline and made the mature (:)) decision. Don’t know if I’ll be able to make the same decision next time. My next weekend gaming session with the nephews has been pushed back out of necessity. Hopefully, it can be in March. I’m way behind on my rule reading. One thing I have discovered, is that the Line of Sight rules for BattleTech are really strange. I’d go so far as to say stupid. Could just be my understanding of Advanced Squad Leader LOS that makes it hard for me to understand the logic of it. Let’s see the other game that I needed to learn for the weekend was Silent Death, haven’t opened it. I really want to play some Modern Art. I got it for Xmas and am curious how an auction game goes. It takes 3 players though, otherwise I’d have force the Wife-al unit to play. I keep telling myself I need to play some things with the girly-wogs but haven’t gotten to it.

So we’ve been going through the normal bouts of illness. A lot of places we need to get to (sorry Tim, we’ve still got Phil’s gift;sorry Mike, I’ve still got your spoon. You probably will end up not having to bring one to this year’s Pit gathering 😉 ) but don’t want to take sicklings out or just can’t get to it. The Wife-al unit and I both suffer from a need to veg now and then after activity filled weekends. For me it’s more because I’m lazy.

My breathing has seemed to be getting better since my surgery. I’ve been doing my rinse religiously and it actually seems to help. I go back for a checkup this week and figure it will be the last one, hopefully.

Music I’ve been listening to lately include: Fall Out Boy, Franz Ferdinand, Hawthorne Heights, System of a Down, My Chemical Romance. I’ve subscribed to far more podcasts than I should, but I do enjoy using my FM transmitter and listening to them over the radio while I do work around the house. Check out for an interesting way to get your literature fix. You can subscribe to books and have them delivered via a podcatcher utility on whatever interval you like (weekly, monthly, etc). I’ve listened to Morevi and am currently listening to Spherical Tomi. Pretty cool stuff.

I’ve got a new work laptop to replace my decrepit one that has trouble maintaining a good connection with it’s power cord. I just need to set up all the programs and settings that I’ve come to rely on with the current one before sending the old one back. I figure it’s a good time to make the jump from my old Mozilla email program it’s predecessor Thunderbird. It probably would be smarter to beg someone for a GMail account and just have all my contacts online, but there’s something about being able to have all my mail right there without having to be sitting on a website. I’ve heard good things about it though.

This also means I’ll have to set up my Pit environment, which involves wasting an afternoon installing all of Microsoft’s Visual Studio development tools. Here’s another case where if I was smart (and not lazy) I’d find an alternative. Pit is as far as I know, MS independant. It’s a console app so I probably could figure out how to use GCC on Windows, or better yet Eclipse. I don’t know how to use Eclipse for C++ development though, so I don’t know how much time I should put into figuring it out. Visual Studio would be the easy way to go since I’ve done it before, but I hate having that bloated crap on my new system. I also don’t know if something like Subversion (source code repository) runs on Windows. Any guru advice would be appreciated.

I’ve taken enough time here playing catchup. I’m sure some things have slipped my minds, but this should be enough to satisfy those bored enough to actually check this blog. I’m dying to write a look at the current Pit season on the blog, but I’ve wasted enough time. Gots to start on the new laptop. Maybe during the Super Bowl, since I probably won’t watch it anyways.



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