Back to work

So here I sit on the verge of going back to work after a vacation and a medical leave. Looking back I got pretty much nothing done of what I wanted to. Family commitments, surgical recovery, and just plain relaxation took up most of the time. I did get the book Ender’s Game read which was an accomplishment and has inspired me to attempt to keep up with my reading. I’ve started All Tomorrow’s Parties by William Gibson. I have to say I don’t care for the way the story has started or the way he tells it, but I’m trying to stick with it. I go back to work tomorrow. I’m a little bit sad and a little bit excited. If I could afford it, I’d quit in an instance to stay home with my family. But since I can’t, I’m looking forward to my current work project switching into gear and actually being able to see progress. I’ll probably have to do some travel next week for it, though I’m not all that thrilled about that.

The Pit Forum died this week and was reborn where the rest of the Pit world resides. I’ve been tinkering around with some other offerings from my web host. I just can’t seem to get their search tool to do what I want. I tweak the CGI script eventually to the point where it doesn’t work at all. Sounds like there’s some problems with the forum avatars. So far I haven’t been able to figure that one out. I also can’t find my flying pig avatar anywhere on my home network. I’m a little disgruntled about that one.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. It will probably be the same old thing. Do you floss? No. You should. Blah, blah, blah. Hopefully that’s as far as it goes. I’m sick of having things on my body poked and prodded. Two surgeries in the past month is enough. Hopefully, my teeth can go another six months without any grind-work.

Starting to plan the next gaming weekend with my nephews. My current gaming plan figures to be like this.
   Probably have to play some Warhammer Quest since my other nephew wasn’t at our last session
   BattleTech (I haven’t decided how I’m going to do this. Whether I’ll just referee a match between them, run them through an adventure of sorts, or take part in the battle.)
   Silent Death (I really want to see how this works.)

This plan means I’ll have to relearn BattleTech and learn Silent Death. I think it’s doable and a lot more reasonable then some of our other sessions. Picking maybe two new games to play each time sounds like something I can manage.


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