Of surgeries and poker

So Thursday I underwent what I would consider the first real surgery of my life. I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed and also had a tendon repaired in my finger, but they don’t seem like big things. This was nasal surgery and consisted of straightening my septum and poking holes into my sinuses. It was the first time I ever had an IV or a breathing tube. Anestesia always amazes me, how quickly it takes affect and how you wake up with everything all done. So I’m in rest and recovery mode now, meaning more time off work. Yesterday the Sci-Fi channel celebrated my condition by having 12 hours of Firefly. It gave me a great chance to catch the episodes I missed. I’m still going through them. Among other things I’d like to get to is some recreational programming either on Pit or something else. Of course, I never seem to get to it. Sitting staring at the TV, with a head that feels larger than usual, in a drug induced daze seems to be the norm right now.

I have a computer game called DDPoker, it’s a Texas Hold’em game. I was notified that the next version was out. I was excited because you could play over the internet or LAN. I figured the wife and I could play against each other in some single table tourniments, so I got a couple licenses. The internet play is for play money so I entered a 30 person tourniment last night during the Wings game. Things were going good and I found myself in first place with about half the field left, when I started having connection problems. It would come and go but I couldn’t do anything and my hands were automatically being folded. That’s when the idiot host started saying he was going to ban me from anymore of his games. It seems that some people get up big and then move on to another game, figuring that they can outlast other players and pad their stats. I finally completely exited and then was able to log back in. I was at the final table but had dropped to second in chips. But the moron kept berating me (and my kind) for the rest of the game. I couldn’t believe this asshole. I just about lost my cool a few times but held my fingers from typing something that would have got me banned from the total site. So I told him that I was not a dirty disconnector and was just new and finally got it sorted out, but that if he didn’t want me in his game I would leave. He said nothing to me the rest of the game. It’s funny how when you don’t lose your cool, how the jerk shines through. I ended up in third place, in the play money. I graciously thanked the host (Oh I bet he was steaming.) and left.

I then posted in the forums on the discussion topic about how not to get banned. I explained my experience and how unwelcomed I was made to feel. I named no names but just gave my honest opinion. I’ll probably still play some online but not in the idiot’s game. In case anybody would get the game, I’d avoid a certain heavy metal named person’s game offerings. I am normally under the opinion that playing poker for no money is a waste of practice, because with nothing on the line people make plays they normally wouldn’t. But I found that except for a couple people who were “All-In” happy, people played smart. Oh and the host was one of those whiners about people catching cards on the river. That wasn’t aimed at me though. I think I caught something once. But the whining gets old.

I would highly recommend the game to anyone interested in Hold’em. Let me know and we could set up some private games with normal people.


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  1. 2!3054). Says:

    I have that DDPoker game myself, perhaps we should set a time and get a public game going!!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Sounds good to me. I played in a pretty good game tonight. Nice people, great host. I finished 4th out of 12 people. I was the chip leader for most of the game but then ran into pocket kings with only a pair of queens.

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