Warhammer Quest session 1

Below is the summary as embellished by my nephew of our first attempt at playing my other nephew’s game, Warhammer Quest. I’ve not editted it.

Deep inside the depths of The Worlds Edge Mountains, inside a labyrinth of tunnels and caves, a group of brave warriors hold the long lost crown of the ancient dwarf kings of Mount Silverspear (now known as Mount Grimfang). This ancient crown has been retrieved by these warriors from a number of evil, and horrid creatures which had stolen it. The warriors must pass through the mountains until they reach “The Firechasm”, a room which has been split by a trench from which molten hot magma flows. The one way to get across this trench and out of the mountain is a small rope bridge. The bridge is anchored in by two wooden posts on each side of the trench and sways ferociously when being crossed. From their starting point, the four warriors need to make it into “The Firechasm” and cut the bridge down after crossing it, thus securing the safe return of the crown!

The group of warriors is made up of a lowly dwarf, a kind wizard, a noble elf, and a brave barbarian. Nurmak, the dwarf, carries with him a giant battle axe capable of wielding enemies headless. A rope is always with him (Nurmak is Nick’s warrior). Gilgek, the wizard, holds in his hands a sword and a magic staff which is capable of casting spells (Gilgek is John’s warrior). Fierquath, the elf, uses a bow crafted by his ancestors and passed down through the generations to him. He keeps a bottle of healing potion with him at all times (Fierquath is Nick’s warrior). Torin, the barbarian, holds a large sword used for inflicting a killing blow to his enemy. He also is responsible for being the keeper of the lantern, which is the warriors’ only source of light( Torin is John’s warrior). What lies ahead is a story of bravery, tragedy, and adventure!

The warriors entered into the dungeon-like tunnels near a light-circle, a mystical thing. With Torin leading the way, they moved into a long corridor which seemed to be never ending. At the far wall stood another door and the warriors entered. Torin entered slowly and looked around. The room made a “T”, which presented a problem. Two doors, and only one way to “The Firechasm”. “I s’pose we choose a way,” Torin remarked. Gilgek leaned forward and looked both ways. He raised his hand slowly in the direction of the door to the left. Torin moved forward and the others followed. Fierquath turned to look at the opposite door as he followed Torin and a wave of uneasiness swept over him. Torin pushed the door open and peered in. A hallway that made a right turn. Nurmak couldn’t help himself, “This doesn’t feel right. I need something to fight!” Torin placed his hand on the and door shook his head, “Dwarves…….”. He pushed the new door open and a square looking room appeared out of the shadows. The warriors moved in cautiously. Something in the corner moved. Torin squinted and raised the lantern higher. He looked in closer…….then closer…….And suddenly the thing, which wasn’t really a thing, flew up in his face. A high shrieking voice accompanied it. Fierquath pulled his bow string tight and turned towards him. He was hit from behind by another flying thing and the arrow was let loose…….missing whatever it was. The warriors ducked until Gilgek knocked one of the fliers down. They were giant, bloodthirsty bats. The others soon realized this and entered into the fray. Swords were being swung in all directions and loud shrieks bounced off the stone walls. When the swinging and the shrieking had subsided, twelve bats lay dead on the ground. Nurmak raised him arm and looked at a bloody elbow. Fierquath and Gilgek sat down breathing hard. Torin looked at them in disgust. If that was considered tiring, they would be in for a big shock he thought. As they pondered their next moves, a Minotaur came barreling in through the walls. He more than doubled the size of Torin and seemed a giant to Nurmak. He caught them by surprise and swung at Fierquath, slicing his shoulder. Torin and Nurmak lunged themselves at the Minotaur and shoved their blades through him. He grunted, looked at them, and swung. They both ducked and the swing missed. Fierquath struggled to string his bow with his shoulder in such condition, but was able to. He aimed and placed a shot directly in the Minotaur’s back. This gave Gilgek time to cast “confuse” on him and it prevented him from attacking. Nurmak seized the opportunity and swung his axe with all his might. He hit the Minotaur’s vital organs and his eyes rolled back in his head. Nurmak pulled the axe out and the monster fell to the ground. Fierquath pulled his healing potion from his pocket and drank it all, giving him full health.
They opened the next door, and entered the next room which was full of old bones and what looked like old weapons. The room was shaped like another “T”. Torin looked back at the others and they gave him their support in the form of a stare. The door to the left would be next. They entered and it looked like a corridor. Torin moved to the opposite side to look for a way out but could not find one. Fierquath motioned for the others to come back. “It’s a dead end. We got our backs to the wall, this may be the opportunity they were waiting for.” They raced back into the the “T” room to find that it was filled with monsters. These were Skaven, a type of rat/orc mix armed with sickles, swords, and pikes. Fierquath lead the way and jumped into the frenzy with his Elfish sword. Gilgek followed. Nurmak and Torin were stuck behind them with no way to get around. “Fierquath, let me in!” Nurmak screamed. The tall elf stepped back while the dwarf moved up. He immediately killed two Skaven and Gilgek bagged another. The monsters were exacting a price on Gilgek though. He wore no armor and was vulnerable to attack. He tried to move back but was pinned against the Skaven he was fighting. Overall, it was looking good though. The warriors seemed to be taking on the threat nicely. Fierquath had downed two while standing in the rear of the room using his bow. Gilgek raised his hands to try and receive power using spells (He rolled a 1 and a random event occurred). Suddenly a massive swarm of giant spiders ascended upon them and the warriors struggled to survive. Gilgek became “webbed” and was attacked ruthlessly. His health was waning, and quickly. Torin, Fierquath, and Nurmak were locked in combat and Gilgek tried to gain power again (another 1!). The warriors had defeated most of the monsters when two Minotaurs came running down the corridor towards them. Torin killed the spider in front of him and yelled to Fierquath, “Bring them down! Now!” Fierquath turned and switched targets from a spider to the Minotaurs. Torin yelled “Hold!” Fierquath let loose two arrows. One found its mark in a Minotaur’s neck, but it kept coming. The monster lashed out at Gilgek, who was almost crawling due to power loss. Gilgek was struck with the Minotaur’s mace. The force of the blow threw him up against the wall and he fell to the ground lifelessly. A pool of blood spilled out around his head and ran along the floor to where the remaining warriors stood. Torin lept at the monster but was struck by the other. He fell on his face and attempted to get back up. A Skaven came up from behind him and raised his sword. Torin quickly turned and thrust his own sword into the Skaven’s belly. It fell on top of him pinning him. Torin shoved the dead carcass off, and moved back towards the Minotaurs. His fatigued body was hit before he took too many steps and he fell lifelessly next to Gilgek’s dead body. Fierquath looked on in horror and aimed his bow quickly. Nurmak tried his best to defend Fierquath, but was struck in the back by a Skaven and then a Minotaur. He fell to the ground and wriggled around still alive. The Skaven’s sword was still stuck in his back and he succumbed to his wounds. Fierquath attempted to find a way out, but none could be found. He aimed his bow and fired into the Skaven’s face that killed Nurmak. He pulled his sword from its scabbard and engaged the Minotaurs. He fought with such a passion that it seemed he might survive. But he was struck down by a Minotaur and the other ran him through.

The crown of the once mighty dwarf kings lay covered in blood and dust in a dungeon underneath the Worlds Edge Mountains. Torin’s scarred hand still grasped onto it. Fierquath’s ancient bow now lay splintered in a thousand pieces. The quest had failed, but the warriors’ courage had not. The legacy of these four warriors will carry on into a new quest with their first born sons at the helm. It will only be a matter of time before they realize that they must avenge their fathers’ deaths.

At the very first “T” section we encountered, we should have taken a right instead of a left. I also think that the wizard had some real crappy spells since he couldn’t heal unless a warrior was dead. The random event thing was a little out of hand too. I think that needs to be limited in some way. Overall though, I thought that this was a very fun game. This beats Heroquest by a mile. Those Minotaurs are killer……

The real reason we lost was because Uncle John really stinks at rolling the die and his wizard was a little pansy-woman. I had to do everything.


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