Gaming recap

So I survived the “surgery that will remain nameless” today. I’m a bit ouchie, but I’ll try not to wince too much in my typing. Just to set the ambience, I’m enjoying watching hockey and an IPA.

One of my gamer nephews stayed over last Thursday. We played a collection of games. First up was Warhammer Quest. This is a game another nephew purchased off of Ebay and has wanted me to learn to play for a while. I actually read the rules a few weeks back and borrowed it from him at our Christmas party. This is like the old HeroQuest game of old, but better. We played two games of it. First, let me say that I enjoyed it and probably would play it again. It’s not really strategical or anything, but a nice dungeon crawl break is cool now and then. Since I don’t get to play AD&D anymore, something like this is a nice diversionary substitute. Second, let me say that some house rules need to be adopted. After struggling through nearly the entire randomly generated dungeon, a string of random events sealed our deaths. Random events in this game occur when the wizard character rolls a 1 for his power for a turn. Years of playing ASL have tuned my die rolling abilities to a tendancy for 1’s. I was able to hold off this tendancy for quite a while. But when it finally reared it’s head, it was horrible. Both games ended in a hallway with something like five random events having been generated. We had like three sets of monsters waiting to feast on our bones. It was horrible. The game has another component to it that is supposed to simulate your adventurers time between adventures. Unfortunately, we never got to see how those work.

We took a break with Fearsome Floors getting the wif-al unit and eldest girlywog involved. My eldest lost interest half-way through and I ended up getting the only person off the board. I just love this game.

Next, it was on to Axis and Allies:Pacific. I’m not a big fan of the A&A games, though I did enjoy a five player game of the original at one of the Pit gatherings. I had been hearing that this was the best of them all and knowing my nephew like them, I told him to bring it along. Taking the Japanese, I enjoyed the first turn getting the benefit of having all the Allies defend with a 1 (meaning they had to roll a one to do damage to me in combat.) There were maybe two terroritories that I wanted to get that turn one that I wanted. I got them next turn and then began to hunker down for the Allied onslaught. About one turn of that was enough and my thoughts went back to attacking. I was having trouble with my Asian front and couldn’t transport reinforcements quick enough. I began to form my all-or-nothing plan to take over the factory territory in Australia which would end the game. Meanwhile, a huge American fleet was ambling toward Japan. Panic-stricken I recalled my three carriers and their fighters to Japan. The Yankee fleet veered south for some island hopping, but came within Kamikaze range. I immediately used all six of my Kamikaze attacks. Targeting two carriers with two attacks each, and then targeting two loaded transports with the remaining two, I was able to sink a carrier (including it’s planes) and a loaded transport. On my next turn, I bombarded all defenders from Sydney in advance of my one tank unit. So my little tank would need to hold the city against three infantry on the Allies turn for me to win. Infantry attacks needing a 1, and armor defends needing a 2. It would be close, but I figured I’d lose it. Then smelling blood from my Kamikaze attacks I launched all my amphibious and air power in Japan against the US fleet. Wiping out all his transport cannon fodder on the first combat turn, I was able to widdle him away soon after. With that, the Allies surrendered, feeling they would not be able to retake and hold Sydney long enough for the American side to reload it’s power. I think it would have been close, but I tended to agree and wouldn’t turn down a win. 🙂

I dusted off my copy of Lost Cities. We split two one round games. This is a nice fast paced card game with a few a agonizing decisions. I wish my wif-al unit liked it more.

The next game was somewhat of a suprise. My nephews always bug my wife to play Zombies!, after we played a marathon session at one of the Pit gatherings. This session will no doubt cause some controversy since my one nephew wasn’t here. We tweaked the game a bit, limiting the number of tiles needed to be played before the Helipad would randomly show up and we mixed in the 3.5 version cards. It was actually somewhat enjoyable, and I have an extreme hatred of this game. I made it to the helicopter clearing zombies along the way. I was able to grab the wif-al unit’s hand and save her, as the helicopter pulled away and we watched my nephew become zombie dessert.

We finished off the day with Outdoor Survival. This is a real bad game for someone who likes to feel like they’re going to win or lose based their decisions. We played scenario 1 and 2 and in each you have to roll to see how you can move, whether you decide or a random direction. I guess it’s supposed to simulate you being lost. In the first horrible scenario, Nick got the furthest before dieing. In the second one, I just about made it across the entire map, before getting lost and sealing my fate. This is a horrible game, but sentimental to me for so many reasons. This was my very first game. Myself and my best friends created our own first person shooter rules for it and battled endlessly with it. I wish I still had those rules. They were great fun.

I then showed how ASL works. Wow, did I forget a lot of how things work. It’s been probably over five years since I played a scenario of it. But I did the best I could and let Nick borrow my spare rulebook so he could take a look at it.

So it was a good couple of days. Played a total of 9 games of which there were 6 different ones. As always I can’t wait for the next time. We’ve decided to probably play some BattleTech and maybe some Silent Death. And I’m sure we’ll play a little more Warhammer Quest, with custom rules of course. 🙂


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