Tis the Season

Had one of them there doctor checkups today. The old blood pressure is continuing to be nicely controlled. I scheduled a “procedure that will remain nameless” for the end of the month and have a consultation on it next week. Also found out that I have nasal septum deviation or something like that. A pretty extreme one from the sound of it. It would explain why I’ve never seemed to be able to breath without obstruction and why I get pretty severe sinus infections. So I’ve got a consultation to look into that next week also. Along with a possible day trip for work next week and a two day seminar the following, things continue to be busy. The only bad news from the visit was that I’m about 9 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. So I need to start watching that. A bad time of year for that sort of thing though.

I’m itching for some gaming. I’m hoping to get a little in over the holidays. It will definately be on my todo list. Which reminds me that I need to start making one.

This weekend marks the beginning of the ten million Christmas gatherings. It’s not enough to have 1 stinking gathering per side of the family, but each sub-side needs to have their own party plus they feel you’re required to come to their sub-sides, and on and on. This is by far the biggest disadvantage of being married, all the gatherings. I’ve got, count it, ONE party on my side of the family. And if I don’t go to each and every one, I’m a bad guy. Oh well, I’m a bad guy. 🙂 I’ll get out of what I can.


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