Pop the Christmas Shopping seal

Sitting here watching the Wings game I recorded last night (Jimmy Howard’s first NHL game. He just stopped a breakaway), and I got to thinking about shocking the readers with another post. Nothing much happened today. It was one of those days at work where something came up that totally ditched what I had planned. Hopefully I can get to what I had planned tomorrow. (Chelios just blasted one in with Maltby’s stick.) I started my Christmas shopping tonight. No more waiting until Christmas Eve to finish it up this year, traffic and people are crazy at that time. I’ve been searching Ebay for those hard to find jewels that would be totally unexpected.

The Amazing Race crew is losing their touch with this family edition. Tonight for the second time a production problem (camera drained the car battery) caused a

I like the increased scoring in the NHL this season as much as anybody. The old “choke and grope” was really hurting the game. But the officiating has gotten downright idiotic with some of the hooking calls and a call on Maltby resulted in a penalty shot goal for LA (they say he threw his stick, but he lost when it hit a player’s skate when he was trying to sweep the puck.) It just seems the officiating has gotten incredibly lazy, not having to use any thought into the calls. Now Shanahan gets jumped into a fight and there’s no instigator penalty. AHHHH!

okay back to the “great race”. The production error caused one of the teams to drop back into last place, this time the team was originally in first place. I would have been irate and whiny about it, but they didn’t say a word. Very admirable. I used to not mind the Florida team and thought they were getting a bad rap, but they’ve been getting weirder and weirder to the point of annoying.


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