Pleasing the fans

I was scolded yesterday for not having updated my blog in so long. Something about my loyal fans needing another tidbit of my wisdom. Okay, back to reality.

We survived the first bout of the fall holidays. Three gatherings, two of which were at our house, three deep fried turkeys, a week’s worth of cleanup leading up to it, and now a nice quiet weekend as reward.

I ended up skipping the poker finale. There was just too much prep for the parties to do. I should have thought of that when we were coming up with the date. I’m actually very happy that I did skip it, even though I would have started 2nd in chips. I was able to get the turkeys fully prepped and everything else that I wanted done in time so that I could relax and enjoy the Wings beating the hated Avs. The Wings/Avs rivalry isn’t quite what it used to be. Most of the annoying Avs from 10 years ago aren’t there anymore. Wings are in a bit of a skid at the moment though. They’re up 4-3 over San Jose right now entering the 3rd. Hopefully, we can hold it and pur on some more goals.

Found out today that my pre-ordered Stacked X-box game won’t be out until like February. When I placed the order, it was supposed to be out today. I’m a Negraneau fan, what can I say.

Saw the new Harry Potter movie last weekend. It was good. I’m bummed we didn’t get the book finished. Sounds like there was a lot cut out. That presents the decision of whether I read the book or skip to the next one. I’m leaning toward skipping ahead.

Found a game store in Pittsburgh the other week when I was there that has the biggest selection of games that I’ve seen in a long time. It had the latest and greatest along with a fair selection of older games. I boulstered my collection, mostly with games more oriented toward the kids, including Snap, Top Secret Spies, Family Flux. The only game more for me was Betrayal at House on the Hill. The addiction is indeed in full stride.

I also got an amazing deal for Russian Front on Ebay, but that was more of a sentimental purchase to remember a deceased friend.

Work’s been quite busy. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do, most of it cool. I’m starting the countdown to vacation. 17 more days and I’m off until next year. TIme to start making my list of ways I want to goof off. It will definately include some sort of programming project. Pit is kind of up in the air for me right now. Interest is probably at an all-time low in it. I really haven’t put much time programming-wise into it for a couple of years. I’ve been itching to do something in Java for a year. I originally thought of porting Pit from C++ to Java, but am now thinking maybe I should make something new. Maybe now’s the time to do my internet war game that was the original intent, or maybe I should just pick a simple game from my collection to program to establish some basic code. If anybody has any ideas, opinions, or thoughts please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Man has it been a wild hockey game. It’s 6-6 right now. I’m going to end this so I can concentrate more on the last couple minutes.


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