Lazy Sunday

The prequel to my extended Christmas vacation is about over. Spent another relaxing day catching up on recorded shows, finishing up post holiday cleanup, cleaning out my den closet, and just general relaxation. The Christmas decorating has started. I try to keep my normal distance from it but have taken part in some of it. Played a family game that had been sitting in the closet for a couple of months. Snorta involves flipping cards until two players have the same card up. They then have to quickly make the animal sound that the other player has hidden away in their barn. Since this was the first time for this game, the wife-al unit and I played with our animals out and the kids had theirs hidden in their barns. So we had to remember what the kids had and they could just look at ours. It was pretty entertaining and I can actually see this getting some play at family get togethers.

Had a couple thoughts for some holiday programming projects. First one would be a relatively lightweight one that shouldn’t take too long. It is Pass the Pigs. Played a couple games of this at one of the turkey day parties. My biggest trouble would be graphics. I’d also like to change the theme. Again, if anybody has any interesting ideas for a variant theme, let me know.

The other idea was to do a BattleTech type of game. There’s already an open source online version called MegaMek but I think it’s more of a real time onilne play environment. I would want to do it in a Pit-like format where players would be able to issue their orders every turn. Maybe I could tie in some kind of generic turn based rules parser into the existing project.


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