Hockey Musings

If you watch a Red Wings power play on a station other than Fox Sports Detroit, is it still a Belle Tire Power Play or just a plain old power play?

I missed seeing Yzerman’s first goal of the season live tonight. I bet the Joe went nuts.

I wish the Center Ice hockey package would let you watch the pre and post game shows.

It’s nice to see Legace getting a chance to be the starter. Osgood has looked better to me than he ever did previously in Detroit. I think we’re secure in goal this season.

A sad story. My nephew got the hockey package but every time the Wings were on it was blacked out. Upon complaining, he found out that he was considered local. However, he couldn’t get Fox Sports Detroit. It’s kind of a catch-22. Quite stupid if you ask me. He only lives like about a half-hour away from me and I get to watch them.


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