Another game day

What do you know, another post. And what provoked this one, well, it be gaming. Things worked out that my gaming nephews were able to come over yesterday to play some games. Not our normal marathon gaming weekends, I don’t know if I can handle those anymore (I enjoy sleeping too much).

We started off with my newest game, Fearsome Floors. I bought this one after being introduced to it by Jim during my last gaming outing. A game I really enjoy but I don’t know how much they enjoyed it. This game is one whose strategy can only be fully grasped by actually playing and having pain dealt to you. This time was no exception. I was the only one playing the cut-throat type of gameplay, while Eric and Nick seemed more in the reactionary stage. We only played it once but I think they might change their play next time. I ended up winning by getting 3 of my 4 pieces off the board. Hopefully they liked it at least a little.

Then we moved on to Wizard’s Quest. This is an old Avalon Hill bookshelf game. Rules in about 2 point font and not very organized. I had read through them a few times but had found someone had consolidated and organized them and posted them as 4th edition to the Geek. So I printed those out and used them as reference for the game. One thing I just found that we did wrong from looking on the site was that men alone can only have a max die range of 4, hero present allows up to 5, and the sorcerer allows up to 6. I don’t think this would have really affected things much other than make it last longer, it’s something I’ll note for next time.

The game is supposedly supposed to last 1.5 to 3 hours. Ours ended up lasting 4.5 hours. Some of this can be attributed to the learning process, but also the endgame had a lot to do with it to. When we got down to everybody needing to grab their last treasure for the win, things became very defensive. Alliances sprang up long enough to halt one army’s drive for the win and then would switch the next turn when another player seemed on the verge of winning. A couple of interesting mechanics in the game are the dragon and wizard who randomly move around the board. The dragon moves each turn to a random location until it tastes man-flesh. Nick’s armies must have tasted the best, because the dragon picked on him probably 90% of the time. The wizard moves each turn to a random location and gives the location owner 3 additional men/orcs. Also, there may be no battles take place in the territory where the wizard is. While the dragon loved Nick’s armies, the wizard must have not thought him worthy of benefit, because if I remember correctly, he was only helped like once.

I really like the random aspect of the dragon and wizard. I think I like the no territory battles where the wizard is the best. This spoiled a few opportunities for a critical attack. You can attack the wizard to lift this restriction (the dragon can be attacked also) but the risk and reward involved doesn’t really seem worth it if you ask me. Maybe the dragon eating your armies and the wizard army granting ability can be a pain (especially as bad as it seemed for Nick) but I think it adds a nice flavor. Maybe you could just use the wizard’s no attack rule and do away with the eating and granting, but I don’t think I’d change it.

Things were very close. Even Nick was within reach of his final treasure a few times near the end. If not for a few well timed petition cards used to move Eric’s treasure from his main army, he probably would have won. But it came down to my suprise boat campaign from three army heavy territories that grabbed the win for me.

A few things we thought could need changed in the game. Maybe add a limit to the number of armies you can put in one terroritory. There was a few outrageous-sized armies we had at times. Another thing that definately needed changed (maybe we didn’t see this in the rules) was being able to move your men to another adjacent territory you control. It seemed like you could only move them to attack somebody, which is bad if you ended up with a huge army that was surrounded by your own armies. I’ll have to look over the rules again. Also, maybe those boat campaigns are a bit too powerful. It can make it hard to defend yourself properly. It’s probably just me, but I like the ability to create buffer zones of troops that invading armies need to wade through before reaching their objective. The boat use circumvents that. Remember, this is coming from the guy who used it to win the game. Without it, I probably would have lost, because I was 3 territories away from my last treasure and had no big armies near it. I don’t know how many boat cards there are so maybe it’s limited enough to not be bad.

That was it for the board games as the Wings were on. We did play a little X-box later, but that was it. Looking forward to the next chance to play some games.


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