I love hockey & boardgames

I’m definately not a workaholic. I can quit at any time.

So we’ve had Dish Network for a full day now. More channels, same nothing on. 🙂 I love it. Better picture, more variety, but yes in just a day we encountered a time where nothing interesting was on. But most importantly, I get to watch a ton of Red Wings games. There is nothing more beautiful than watching this most beloved fast paced game. The jury’s still out, but I think the rules changes may help, as long as they continue to be called. No longer will those crap teams be able to stay close to those that can skate and maneuver by hanging on with sticks and gloves. And with the Wings scoring 5 of 6 goals on the power play yesterday, if their opponents don’t learn the rules fast, the Wings will bury them. Hopefully we can score when not on the PP also.

Been spending a lot of time watching BBC America also. Watched Footballer’s Wives last night. It’s a soap opera about soccer players in Britain. Last night we found out that the one couple’s son, that was carried by the guy’s mother, whose father is actually another player, has the outside organs of a boy and the inside organs of a girl. If you can follow that, you’re better than me. But hey, they’ve got hot English chicks!

My Fort Wayne buddy Jim was over on Saturday for some gaming. It’s been a while so we locked horns right away with Crusader Rex. This game simulates the third crusade. Jim took the crusaders and I took Saladin’s forces. I enjoyed the game, but I think the crusader player has a real challenge to withstand the horde early on.

I then got introduced to Fearsome Floors. I absoluely love this game and will soon own it. The object is to get your people out of the mansion in the allotted time without the monster eating you. This would be easy if not for the “screw your neighbor” component. You can sometimes attract the monster in a way that he’ll find your opponent before you. When I play this with the family, I’ll keep this to a minimum, but against like-minded players (that’s Jim!) it’s sheer joy. I’ll hopefully get this ordered tonight so I can have it for this weekend.

We then played some Carcassonne. I’d owned the game for a while but hadn’t put the time in to learn it (as happens with so many of my games). I think I need to try to get my oldest to play this.

Tutorial time came for Go. It’s an interesting game. We played 4 or 5 games on a 9 by 9 playing area. I just can’t get my head around this one. I don’t know if I’m hooked or not. I still don’t know what move I should be making. We’ll have to see on this one.

Also learned a little about my Strat-O-Matic Hockey that has sat in the closet for a few years. I’m going to have to put some time into this one. I love that there are Basic, Advanced, and Super Advanced rules. You gotta love that.

We ended the day playing Duell with the En Garde rules off the top of Jim’s head. If ever there was a flawed head, I mean rules. 🙂 I would’ve won if they allowed body checking.

All in all a good day. I can’t wait for the next time. Seemed like we played a lot of flawed games though. 😉 (Inside joke.)

Hockey’s even better when you don’t have TV timeouts every time play stops.

Shanahan’s skating better than I’ve seen him in years. Bertuzzi’s a goon. Yzerman’s supposed to play Thursday. I’m going to have to DVR that one since it’s a west coast game.


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