Sci-fi shows

Finally got around to watching the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. All I can say is WOW!!!! I cannot wait until next season. Heck, I’m interested in possibly picking up the season 1 DVD.

Just got done watching Firefly. I decided to record it last night with all the hype about the new Serenity movie. I always wondered, “Why would I want to watch Cowboys in Space?” But the episode I saw was actually quite good.

If anybody ever sees when they’re going to rebroadcast the season finale to Stargate:Atlantis, let me know.

Hey, what do you know? This is post 100.


2 Responses to “Sci-fi shows”

  1. sixftunda Says:

    hey dood we are in chicago right now celebrating number 10, be home thursday hope i dont miss any pit deadlines

  2. floydwing Says:

    Looks like you’ll miss your round 1 draft deadline on Wednesday.

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